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woman vacuum cleaning the carpet
Remodeling Ideas and Tips
Cara Brosten

6 Tips for Cleaning After Renovation

After a long renovation process, a lot of wood, dust, and unwanted garbage may be leftover, and your house usually requires thorough cleaning before you

Chicago Mosaic and Subway Tile
Kitchen Remodeling Blog
Ariel Darmoni

Backsplash: Not Just Background

Although backsplash used to be a 4-inch guard at the back of your counter to keep water from damaging your walls, it has become as

Chicago River North Condo Modern Bathroom Remodel
Interior Design Blog
Cara Brosten

Design 101: Minimalism

Design is a crucial idea. Any area, object, clothing or other kinds of material benefits from the view of a designer. A designer can take

porcelain tile flooring
Kitchen Remodeling Blog
Ariel Darmoni

Case by Case: Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Go into your bathroom right now. Chances are that there’s at least one place that’s been tiled. Either the floor, walls, or shower, take your

Chicago Window Shades
Kitchen Remodeling Blog
Cara Brosten

Window Shades 101

Window shades have come a long way from grandma’s net curtains. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your house with remote-controlled blinds you can open and

Chicago Magnificent Mile Condo Remodel
Kitchen Remodeling Blog
Cara Brosten

6 Easy Upgrades for Your Home

Every once in a while, we notice that our home could do with a bit of improvement. We scratch our heads and try to put

4 Useful Tips for Building a Home Gym

While regular gym membership fees aren’t that high, the very commute to the place and the fact that you have to purchase appropriate clothes add