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This small bathroom gut rehab is a project for a guest of Windy City Live TV Show, Amanda. Finishing Amanda’s bathroom free-of-charge is a way 123 Remodeling is giving back to the community. Windy City Live contacted 123 Remodeling for the opportunity to work on this project in November.

Amanda’s best friend, Kelly, wrote a letter to Windy City Live about what had taken place in Amanda’s life. Kelly asked to help Amanda and give her a holiday surprise to end a grim year on an up note. The producer of Windy City Live contacted our Operations Manager, Ariel Darmoni, and told Amanda’s heartbreaking story. We were touched and jumped at the opportunity to help out.

What We Did With Bathroom

  • BATHROOM SIZE: New Size 8’x5′
  • SINK: Integrated Porcelain Sink and Quartz Counter Top
  • BATHTUB: Standard tub 30/60
  • TOILET: Two Piece
  • TILE COLOR: White Subway Tile
  • TILE MATERIAL: Ceramic
  • WALL COLOR: White Paint
  • FLOOR: Octagon Mosaic
  • TYPE: Master Bath



Amanda and her husband, Craig, had purchased a very old home and started to remodel over a year ago. Unfortunately, before they have a chance to see their dream be realized, a tragic event occurred. They were on their way home from vacation whean her husband suffered a heart attack. Amanda is an E.R. Nurse and she did everything possible to help him. Sadly, he passed away from heart disease at the very young age of 29. They had only been married for 16 months. Amanda’s life was shattered yet she continued going to work and help patients.

The remodeling project that they had started together wasn’t finished. Amanda continued to decorate her home as a way to work through her sorrow. However, she has not been able to tackle the upstairs bathroom. Amanda and Craig had demolished the bathroom in preparation for a remodel, but never had a chance to finish it. The bathroom was in bare-bones non-working condition without any fixtures.

On December 8th, 2014, Windy City Live surprised Amanda live on-air and told her story. Kelly and over 30 people, friends and family, joined Amanda for the event. Our own President and General Manager, Sharone Lavi, was there to announce that 123 Remodeling would volunteer to complete Amanda’s bathroom. Home Depot donated bathroom fixtures and a $500 gift card.

The demolition for this project was already done. However, we had to open up the wall to redo the shower plumbing for the showerhead and tub spout. The cement boards were then reinstalled in the wall. The tile on the shower walls was installed and grouted. Shower fixtures were installed. A new toilet was installed next. The plumbing for the vanity sink and faucet was redone and the vanity was moved and installed. The vanity is a re-purposed old chest. Some of the floor tile was redone to install wood trims and some of the wood wall trims were redone. The lighting fixtures were moved and installed.

When the bathroom remodel was done, Amanda was very satisfied with the result.

We would like to thank Amanda for the opportunity to work with her and allow us to give back to the community that supports us.

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