Trend Alert: Infuse Nature-inspired Elements Into Your Interiors

Redecorating your home usually revolves around changing its interior to be more modern and luxurious. But often modern is considered sterile and utilitarian. So if you’re planning to update your home but want to keep in touch with nature, here are some trendy (and green) elements you can incorporate for a softer, natural look.

Choose natural materials 

Natural materials make a home feel more natural, so next time you’re planning to renovate, it’s best to opt for raw materials that can be made to look glamorous and are also very affordable. Raw materials such as plywood, cork, and steel can be an excellent addition to your nature-inspired home decor. Some of them, like the aforementioned steel, can be made into sheets that can be used for sliding doors, walls, or even table toppers. 

Try to experiment

There’s no universal rule when it comes to home decor, so play with different colors, materials, and textures. In recent years, there’s been a huge trend in using concrete in interior decor as this material is very versatile and utilitarian, so it can be used to spruce up your kitchen countertop, vanity, or bathroom sink. Even though concrete comes in grey, which is often considered cold and boring color, but it’s also worth pointing out that concrete is a huge part of the wabi-sabi home decor trend, that is often connected to nature. So if you’re not sure what to change in your home, try concrete and other raw materials.

Opt for faux solutions

If you don’t feel like using real trees for your home decor, there are plenty of faux replacements. Get tree trunk stools made of soft fabrics, or use paper-made flowers as a decoration piece for your dining table. Additionally, you can use a plethora of faux plants and make your home a true green space without resorting to using real plants that require a lot of maintenance and care. Of course, real plants are natural air purifiers and can be wonderful for your health. Consider mixing faux and real flowers to create a unique blend that will look great all the time.

Let the sunshine in 

There’s nothing more naturally beautiful than sunlight. So don’t forget to create a space in your home that will be sun-lit and warm. Generally, your home should always be well-lit, so in order to make that happen, you should opt for light colors. Your walls should be painted in nude and neutral tones, as light colors reflect light, while darker tones absorb it. Similarly, lighter colors work great for your furniture. If you do want to experiment with brighter colors, they shouldn’t take center stage in your house. Instead, save the brighter shades to accentuate certain angles and furniture. To let the most light in, choose light and airy curtains that will ensure your home is well-lit during the daytime.

Bird-themed decor

Birds are an inseparable part of nature. They have a calming effect, especially when we hear them singing from a nearby tree. If you’re unsure how to transform your home, the bird-themed decor is a great choice.  Opt for bird-inspired wallpapers, bed covers, or tablecloths.

Don’t forget bricks and stones

Perhaps you prefer your home a bit rustic? Adding bricks/stones on certain areas adds a whole new luxurious and timeless look to rooms. 

For those who didn’t know, brick walls are often the staple part of urban lofts, but you can use them anywhere. The great thing about them is that they can be repainted to look any way you want them. A stone accent wall can add a touch of elegance to your dining room, terrace, or even a bathroom. Both bricks and stones can be a great focal point in your home.

We should all be thankful for nature. Adding certain nature-inspired decor elements can definitely turn your home from ordinary to exquisite. Finally, if you feel like you don’t know where to start, you can always hire an experienced interior designer who will help you (re)decorate your home according to your preferences and needs. 

Guest article by Chloe Taylor, Editor-in-Chief of Smooth Decorator. A graduated journalist from Adelaide, she loves everything related to decor, aesthetic, and lifestyle topics.

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