Style 101: Warm Industrial

Industrial design has been gaining immense traction over the years. Homeowners and city pad dwellers love its unapologetic use of contrasting elements, modern lines, and raw materials in order to deconstruct the norm and bring a unique flair to every setting. In essence, the industrial approach is the rebellious look everyone loves.

industrial design kitchen

There are numerous ways you can transform your home to look and feel more industrial. However, the problem of comfort and warmth surrounding this design approach needs to be addressed to create a cozy living environment. Here is the ultimate decor guide to help you enrich your home with a warm industrial look.

Think metallic accents in the kitchen

The era of white kitchen designs is slowly giving way to the more intimate, subdued look of darker hues complemented by raw materials around the room. The industrial design celebrates functionality, affordability, and contrasts that, ironically, work wonderfully in creating a unified space.

Stone flooring coupled with wooden furniture, metallic lighting draping from the ceiling, and illuminating stainless steel appliances is the essential look of a warm industrial setting. For the walls, exposed dark red brick is an excellent idea, although darker paint hues such as green or mandarin will also work wonderfully with the rest of the decor.

Deconstruct the traditional living room design

industrial design living room

The living room should make people feel positive, awake, welcome, and most importantly, inspired to lead interesting conversations. Thus it’s the perfect place to introduce striking decor elements and reverse the traditional look wherever you can.

To that end, think about black brick walls with vibrant artwork accents. Perhaps a comfortable beige sectional with dark area rugs and metallic shelving for books, records, and plants. A rough stone floor will work with a wooden ceiling to bring a sense of openness and freedom to the room.

Elegant and rustic bedroom

A bedroom is a place of comfort and intimacy, where none of the troubles of the outside world seem to matter. Consider illuminating the space with plenty of natural light, while providing an intimate feeling with wooden walls and grey flooring.

The bed should be the focal point in the room, boasting a metallic frame, or even a full-body, wooden structure. The mattress must also work with the overall design and bring comfort to the room as well. You can choose elegant mattresses that boast a pure white hue to present a contrast to the surrounding darker colors, with complimentary linens and pillows. This will allow the bed to become a focal point of a warm industrial setting.

Marble and greenery for an intimate bathroom

industrial design bathroom with freestanding tubCombining vibrant tile designs with dark marble, vinyl, and stone is a wonderful way to create a bathroom oasis. The key is to use the tile as accents that will challenge the vinyl or stone flooring, all the while framing the room with greenery in the corners, on the shelves, and the windowsills.

Marble, on the other hand, works wonderfully with metallic mirror frames, giving the vanity a unique, elegant look. Consider tempered glass with metal frames for the shower door. Provide contrast by introducing marble tiles for the shower floor.

Retro lighting and wooden elements in the backyard

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enrich your outdoor space with this unique approach as well. Mix modern and retro pieces for the seating area and the patio, with colorful throws and cushions.

Let the retro light bulb string lighting float above the backyard and the seating areas. Create a warm, intimate ambiance, complemented by meticulous landscaping. When it comes to greenery, get creative and repurpose old wooden furniture to hold potted plants and colorful flower arrangements.

Industrial design is growing in popularity with homeowners around the world, aiming to bring a unique feeling of freedom, independence, and functionality to every room in the household. With these interesting decor tips in mind, you will have no problem introducing the warm industrial design into your home.

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