Functional Design: Creating an Easy-to-Clean Kitchen

 The kitchen tends to be the room in our home that needs the most cleaning. The good news is that, with a little planning, you can have a design that makes cleaning a breeze and allows you to spend less time mopping and more time enjoying your space. Check out these expert tips.

Easy-Clean Appliances

You might be excited about a vintage-looking stove or a smart fridge when you see them online. From an aesthetic and feature standpoint, why wouldn’t you be? But it’s important to also consider how you’ll be keeping them clean. Skip fancy appliances requiring special cleaning solutions, or with difficult details like knobs that are too close together. They may look nice at the store, but will just cost extra time and money later. There’s something lovely about the classic look of a gas stove’s coils. But consider choosing a flat induction cooktop, since it’s easy and safe to clean.

If you have the money for something a little fancier, choose appliances with cleaning programs included. Ovens with pyrolytic cleaning functions (which heat the oven to high temperatures to burn off residue), steam ovens with automatic steam cleaning and drying programs, and coffee machines with automatic cleaning will save you time by doing a lot of the cleaning work for you.


Drawer and Shelf Liners 

On the topic of shelves, both they and drawers are masterful at catching crumbs and other kitchen debris. You can get liners from Amazon or make them yourself, and they come in different colors, patterns, and materials. They’ll keep your drawers and shelves clean and sanitary since you can just lift them out and wash them in the sink. Even better, they protect wood cabinets from water and oil damage, especially ones made of oak or walnut.


Give us your thoughts: Which of these ideas would you use? Do you have other suggestions for an easy-clean kitchen? Let us know in the Comments.

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