The Care and Keeping of Your Bathroom Sink

After spending the time and money on a bathroom remodel, it’s important to take the proper steps to maintain it. Cleaning the bathroom can certainly be an unpleasant chore. But if you keep on top of it with the proper care and maintenance, your bathroom sink can remain beautiful and sparkling for years to come. Depending on the style of your sink, there are a few key things to keep in mind as you gather your supplies and prepare to take on the challenge of keeping it clean and maintained.



A leaking faucet can be more than just an annoyance. A prolonged leak can cause water damage to the flooring beneath the sink as well as the cabinetry. Check the base of the sink or along the countertop for any signs of damage, even if you haven’t noticed a persistent leak.

If there is a problem, check with the manufacturer. The faucet may be under warranty, or replacement parts can be purchased. If you can’t acquire the necessary replacement parts, you may need to consider installing an entirely new faucet. The expense of replacing your faucet is minor compared to the repairs that might be necessary if your leak continues.

You should also check your aerator – found at the tip of most modern water faucets. Aerators combine water and air to create a no-splash stream but do need to be cleaned regularly as they can collect bits of debris from the supply piping. This can noticeably slow the flow of water. But don’t worry; the aerator can be easily cleaned and reattached, making your faucet work as good as new.


Drain Stopper

The drain stop is controlled by a lever at the top of the faucet which moves the stopper up and down to either drain the basin or collect water in the sink. For proper care and maintenance of your bathroom sink, remove the stopper and soak it in vinegar. This makes sure it’s free of build-up or bacteria. The drain pipe trap also needs to be cleaned thoroughly, as this collects hair and other debris from being washed down the drain.

Taking apart the drain stopper to clean is a good opportunity to tighten up the entire assembly. The stopper will naturally loosen with use. It’s also smart to clean this out regularly, as anything rinsed down the drain can cause build-up and make your sink drain slowly or even back up. There are chemical products available if your sink is still clogged. However, you may need to snake the line in case of a more severe blockage. Of course, you can minimize the chances of this with regular maintenance.

Make sure that you have the stopper assembly properly in place before you use the sink again.


Countertop and basin

A regular wipe of your countertop and basin will ensure germs and bacteria don’t build up in your bathroom. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaning agent and materials for the material your countertop and sink are made from, as some can be too abrasive or harsh for use on certain types of sinks or countertops. Wipe down any cupboard doors and pulls, as well – bacteria can collect on these surfaces, too.

Depending on the type of caulk and quality of application, the seal should last at least twenty years. Still, it’s a good idea to inspect it at least once a year. If there are leaks or other signs of deterioration, pull up the old bead and apply a new continuous bead of caulk to seal your bathroom sink.

Also, be sure to check that all your drawer pulls and hinges are secure and lubricated. Before you put away your cleaning products and tools of course.


Whether you have a pedestal sink, bathroom cabinet, or vanity, it’s important to clean it regularly. Even though it can be tedious, keeping on top of the proper care and maintenance of your bathroom sink means you’ll be able to use and enjoy it for years to come – or at least, until it’s time for an upgrade.


Guest article by Katie Mills,  an expert in the field of home design and products from Poshh.



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