6 Layout Styles of Kitchen Remodeling and Completed Projects

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The first step in planning a kitchen is to determine the amount of space you have to work with. Once you define the space, you need to determine the “Work Triangle” placement of Sink, Refrigerator and Cooking Stove.  Often the existing water, electrical and drainage lines will determine which layout styles will suit best for the kitchen remodeling project.

6 layouts work triangle

6 Layout Styles w/ Work Triangle diagram and 123 Remodeling’s kitchen projects.

  1.  Single Wall – the work areas are lined up in a row
  2.  Galley – two facing walls constitute of work areas
  3.   U-Shaped – work areas built into a wall or free-standing
  4.   L-Shaped – two work areas joined at right-angles
  5.   Island Feature – standalone island space containing work area
  6.   G-Shaped – combination of U-shaped and Island Feature


work-triangle-single-line1. Single Wall – often found in smaller spaces, apartment and condos.  New East / River North Kitchen Remodel


layout style single line

Single Wall – project details



2. Galley – consisting to 2 facing walls and somewhat smaller scale than most full-sized kitchens.  Edgewater Kitchen Remodel (washer/dryer in Kitchen)




Galley Layout – project details


3. U-Shaped – can be found in smaller kitchens, utilizing counter-space and works well with the Work Triangle.  Gold Coast Kitchen (Island w/dishwasher)


 U-Shaped Kitchen – project details



4. L-Shaped – is a versatile, joined at a right angle which can often be enhanced with a well placed table or island.  Newberry Plaza Kitchen (washer/dryer in Island)


l-shaped kitchen remodeling layout

L-Shaped Kitchen – project details



5. Island Feature  – can be found in most full-sized kitchens, offering the most versatility which can add a sense of proportion to the kitchen area. South Loop Kitchen (Cooking Top Island)



Island Feature – project details


6. G-shaped – combining the U-shaped with the Island Feature, it’s a versatile and space saving concept suits well for smaller kitchens.  Evanston Small Kitchen Remodel

G-Shaped Kitchen – project details

For details of the Work Triangle, storage, material selection and more kitchen design ideas – check out our Elements of Kitchen Design article.


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