3 Things Every Home Needs In 2021

2020 was an unpredictable and extraordinary year. In 2021 many homeowners are looking for stability and ways to move forward. This forward-thinking mentality is reflected in the current remodeling and interior design trends. 

1. The Presence of Smart Home Technology

As people spending much more time in their houses and condos, smart home tech saw a boost in popularity, providing solutions for better, healthier, and more comfortable living.

With widespread concerns about health and sanitation, we’ve seen an uptick in touchless tech that reduces touchpoints in the home. In the kitchen, it can be a voice-activated faucet that can perform simple commands: start/stop the flow, fill the glass to a certain amount, and change the water temperature. In the bath, touchless products make germ-infested areas like showers and toilets cleaner and simpler to maintain.

Cool Idea for Smart Toilet

Cooking at home became the primary source of meals since eating out will not be an option for a good part of 2021. Homeowners rely on their appliances more than ever; that’s why consumers expect their appliances to work flawlessly to provide restaurant-quality meals. Modern technology solutions by GE and LG have advanced artificial intelligence programs to monitor cooking, follow recipes and dietary restrictions, and assist in preparing the highest quality meals.

smart cooking appliances

The latest AI technology can also remember individual preferences in lightning, water and air temp, based on who entered the room, or start a coffee making when you get up in the morning.

Professional remodeling companies can “link” all this tech into a smart home system that can be controlled from a single app.

2. Pastel And Soothing Colors In Interior Design

After a rocky and unprecedented 2020, most people are looking for calm, pastel, nostalgic and soothing colors for their interiors instead of bold and bright colors.

Chicago Logan Square Guest Bathroom Renovation
Chicago, IL bathroom remodel with soothing colors and natural elements

Benjamin Moore has just revealed its Color of the Year 2021 as Aegean Teal 2136-40 – an intriguing blue-green that creates natural harmony and invites us to reflect and reset. You may check more trendy colors in our previous article.

Aegean Teal 2136-40

3. Live/Work Hybrid Space

Lockdown has shown how important it is to have office space at home. Whether you have a spare room or a corner of an existing area to work with (or even an attic), making sure your space is comfortable and motivating is vital.

chicago attic home office design

Your work area is most efficient when it is set aside for work only. Carving out a space for work helps your mind get into a productive rhythm whenever you sit down in that space. It’s a simple yet essential part of remote work, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. It can be as simple as reserving one specific chair or corner of your dining table that you use only for work. What’s important is that your brain associates that space with work and productivity, not anything else.

Home Office Chicago

While we all have different preferences for our homes’ cleanliness level, making sure your work area is clutter-free is paramount to work from home success. Keeping a clean, organized space helps keep your mind focused on the work in front of you, not the to-do list of chores you have for the rest of your home.

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