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Please note that due to high demand, we only accept kitchen, bathroom and full home remodeling projects.

123 Remodeling is an award-winning general contractor for full-service kitchen improvements in Park Ridge, IL and nearby areas. No matter what you are trying to achieve: to renovate an outdated kitchen design, to make more practical use of the space, to modernize your kitchen, or want to increase the resale value of your home – we offer custom-tailored options designed for your kitchen project.

Park Ridge Kitchen Renovation

Park Ridge Kitchen Remodeler

Our kitchen experts can transform your outdated space into a charming and functional kitchen, incorporating the latest kitchen design trends in your project.

No matter whether your Park Ridge kitchen is big or small, the benefits of its improvement are endless. Do you have an old kitchen that needs to be redone in almost every way? Did you get an incredible deal on an older house with a plan to turn the kitchen into a chef’s haven? An upscale high-end kitchen remodeling we offer is meant for you.

If you’re looking for a minor refresh to your Park Ridge kitchen without making significant changes, a mid-range affordable remodel may be the right choice. Even small changes, like replacing counters or updating cabinets, can make a huge difference.

123 Remodeling can help you create a timeless design and optimize inconvenient kitchen layout, increasing storage, and cooking space to work better for your needs.

Our Full-Service Process

Park Ridge General Contractor

1 . Planning & Estimation

After you contact 123 Remodeling for your free consultation to discuss ideas for your kitchen remodeling project, and our manager will answer all your questions and prepare a detailed estimate.

Park Ridge Kitchen Remodeling

2 . Interior Design & Concept

Once initial design concepts and kitchen layout has been finalized and meet your standards, they are submitted to our architectural staff that will prepare blueprints used by our contractors on location.

Park Ridge Kitchen Remodel

3 . Management & Construction

We will obtain all necessary local permits, and once issued, kitchen construction will begin shortly after. Your project manager will oversee all activities throughout the project.

Customer Testimonials

123 Remodeling is committed to providing the best service for all of our customers.
We have testimonials that showcase this commitment – take a look!

“I bought an older house with an outdated kitchen (like maple cabinets, laminate counters, and no dishwasher old) and wanted to update the kitchen. I brought these guys in and it was a total transformation. The price was reasonable, and the crew was very attentive to my needs. They dealt with permits and shopping, and everything else. When I wanted to make changes along the way, they helped me find the easiest, most cost-effective option.”

Eyal H.
Park Ridge, IL

Trusted remodeling contractor in Park Ridge

Remodeling historic homes in Park Ridge means maintaining its traditional suburban vibe. 123 Remodeling is a local company that knows what to do with these gems, applying its knowledge and expertise to the exterior and interior remodels so they maintain the charm of an older style while still being modernized for convenience. If you’re considering a renovation project like this contact us today – we’ll provide a free consultation and detailed estimates based on all of our experience working within the area’s unique aesthetic!

123 Remodeling is one of the highest-rated North Shore remodeling companies, with a 5-star rating on Houzz and multiple industry awards. For over 12 years, we work with homeowners in Park Ridge to make home improvements for 450 projects. From elegant interior design and 3D renders to permits acquisition and construction that follow strict quality standards – 123 Remodelings is here to help you with any remodel! Browse our award-winning portfolio to get inspired for your own project.

Why you should choose a local remodeling company

Located just 16 miles outside of Chicago, Park Ridge is a young city with some interesting history. It was originally settled in the 1830s by Quakers who wanted to escape persecution and live as they please. But today’s community has come into its own identity that includes bustling commercial opportunities like O’Hare Airport or historic Pickwick Theatre and relaxed recreational activities such as local farmer markets or busy malls; people are happy about their excellent school where there’s plenty for students to do on campus including art exhibits, swimming lessons, baseball games…and many other famous residents have called this town their home over time–people like Karen Black from “Five Easy Pieces” fame!

Park Ridge homeowners highly value their historic homes. As local remodelers, we respect it and apply our knowledge and expertise to keep the traditional vibe in exterior and interior remodels. If you’re planning a renovation project, contact 123 Remodeling to get an in-home consultation (or online, if you prefer), and your project manager will provide a free detailed estimate for you.

Our Services In Park Ridge

Kitchen Remodeling Questions

The average time of kitchen renovation is 6 weeks. It heavily depends on the scope of work. If you change the layout or remove walls, it will increase the time significantly. Usually, there is a design and materials selection phase before construction begins so your project manager will provide a detailed timeframe.

The budget depends on the scope of work. If you keep the appliances in the same location and don’t change the floors it can cost under $15,000. If you are going to replace the floors, paint the space, replace the backsplash, and change the layout it can cost up to $55,000 for a medium-sized kitchen. The average kitchen remodel in Park Ridge is $30,000.

Even if you want to copy some Houzz kitchen, you would need help with the interior design. The cabinet layout needs to be done by a professional to maximize space while looking good, and there are many other details to consider. The rest of the decor selections should be easier to do by yourself. The kitchen is the most important and difficult space to do by yourself from an interior design perspective. 123 Remodeling offers interior design services by our in-house designers as a part of the design-build process.

It depends if you do only cosmetic work or if you do plumbing, electrical or structural changes. In Park Ridge permits are required by Homeowner Associations. In order to pull a permit, you have to work with a licensed and insured contractor.

Homeowners who remodel their kitchens can frequently see 80% of the renovation cost added to their home value. In the case of popular designs (like a white transitional kitchen), it may add up to 92% of the value because you increase a pool of potential buyers.

Our Process

Our remodeling company approach each project with a cooperative view, working with clients, architects, and subcontractors toward the common goal and successful project delivery.

Our diverse construction portfolio and specialized divisions ensure that each project is matched with the appropriate project manager, resources, and expertise.

Investment In Your Home

Even if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, it is always essential to maintain or increase your Park Ridge home’s value.

When the remodel is done, homeowners who renovate their houses can frequently see up to 90% of the cost added to their home value.

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Please note that due to high demand, we only accept kitchen, bathroom and full home remodeling projects.