Maximizing Your Space With an Island Mini Fridge

One of the many benefits of a kitchen island is the additional cabinet and storage space it can provide. However, many modern kitchens already offer an abundance of cabinet space in their basic layout, and this extra space often winds up not being used to its full potential. But even for those of you lucky enough to have plenty of space in your cabinets, what about your fridge?

Almost everyone can benefit from additional cold storage! That space is especially useful if you have guests staying with you or if you’re throwing a party! For day-to-day use, an island fridge can be the perfect size and location to store healthy snacks and beverages in a place where they’ll be accessible to your kids.

Or, consider going in the complete opposite direction, and using the space for adult beverages instead! A popular choice for the island mini-fridge setup is to design the door of the fridge to look just like another cabinet door, causing it to blend in with the rest of the island and making it an extra-sneaky place to store your booze!

If you’re a wine-lover, and really want to embrace the alcohol storage idea, consider forgetting the fridge entirely and go instead for a wine cooler! Maybe one on each side, set to different temperatures for red and white? Nothing screams class to your guests like busting out a great Burgundy or chardonnay that’s at that perfect level of coolness; rather than room temperature for red, and fridge temperature for white, like most people are used to.

Whatever you choose to do with it, we think you’ll love the extra cold-space an island-fridge creates! Call 123 Remodeling today to set up a free consultation today, and talk to your project manager about incorporating this great concept into your next kitchen update!

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