Subfloor Heating Advances That Will Dominate 2018

Gone are the days of the traditional underfloor heating systems that can span danger to your household. Now there are several underfloor heating advances that can bring the coziness without worry about maintenance and malfunctions.

Subfloor heating systems keep rooms warm, especially during winter and in cold-weather climate. As the years go by, a lot of engineers have invented and upgraded traditional underfloor heating systems to provide convenience and safety for its users.

Some do not use the huge underfloor heating instruments anymore, and instead use portable materials that are more convenient to use and install in your home.

To give you the fresh underfloor heating advances that will make a wave in 2018, here is the list:

Electrical Underfloor Heating Mat

This type of underfloor heating system uses electricity to provide warmth and comfort to a room. It gives the place a luxurious, comfortable, and heated feeling. Moreover, it is easier to install compared to the traditional underfloor heating systems.

This type of technology advancement aims to provide safety, security, requiring little to no maintenance compared to traditional systems. Additionally, it can be installed in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, bedroom, and even in your utility room.

The Underfloor Electrical Heating System can be easily installed under wood, carpet, tile, stone, and laminate.


Eco Heating System

The eco heating system weans you away from the traditional underfloor heating system. This innovative heating system provides a more comfortable manner of warming the room thus deem eco-friendly to use.

The Eco Heating System utilizes heat pump technology to distribute warmth to designated areas. This transfers temperature to installed radiators or existing underfloor instruments.

This eco-friendly device reduces carbon dioxide emissions to at least 40 to 59 percent. And it doesn’t harm the environment compared to the traditional ones we have on the market before.

Not only it provides a nice temperature turn in your area, but it also provides a hassle-free experience. And ituses little energy so you can also save on your monthly bills.


Water Underfloor Heating System

The Water Underfloor Heating System is not new in the market. 

This system can be installed underneath stone, laminate flooring, tile, wood, and even carpeted surfaces. Though this type is a lot more complicated to install than others of underfloor heating system, it sure is worth it. This technology is even being transformed into a stylish way to replace traditional radiators, as pictured here.

The Water Underfloor Heating System is a water-based heating system that contains series of pipes connected with a water boiler. It then circulates warm water throughout the flooring to make the room warm and cozy.

This type of underfloor heating relies on a thermostat for control, so you can set the temperature of the water to distribute the heat to the entire room.


Why choose advanced underfloor heating systems?

2018 is the year to switch to advanced materials to make it more suitable for the coming year. And the more advanced the instrument, the more comfort and security it provides.

Choosing an advance underfloor heating system secures protection for the whole household. Most of the advanced heating systems contains digital thermometers that best project the temperature of the room. Moreover, the temperature is also easier to manage.

To give your more impeccable reasons, here are some of the benefits of choosing advanced underfloor heating systems:

  • Saves more energy
  • Easier to install
  • Easier to maintain
  • More durable
  • Offers better quality and assurance
  • It’s more flexible


The Pros and Cons

Underfloor heating systems have advantages and disadvantages. So to help you decide, here are some of the pros and cons:


  • The luxury of warm floors especially during winter season
  • It is a more efficient way to distribute the heat to the entire room
  • The temperature is easier to track and determine
  • It is more eco-friendly
  • It saves money compared to traditional underfloor system
  • There are several options to choose from


  • It can sometimes take longer to heat up compared to traditional radiators
  • Smaller systems cannot warm the whole room
  • More costly compared to the traditional radiators

Underfloor heating systems take the advanced stage to give more comfort and convenience in any area.

Guest blog by Dona Dimaculangan of Soleheat Limited, the leading independent retailer of plumbing supplies and subfloor heating in the UK.

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