How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Chicago?

[Updated January 2021] How much would it cost to remodel the kitchen in your Chicago home? Depends on what you mean by remodel. Read on to learn what the average prices would be for three different levels of remodeling.

Houzz releases its Cost Report every year, estimating the average price of a variety of remodeling projects in cities, regions, and states across the country including Chicago and North Shore suburbs. The report also calculates how much each job would add to the value of a house and the percentage of the money spent on the project that the homeowner could expect to get back when selling the home. Keep in mind that the following figures are based on average data in this region and may not be indicative of actual costs.

It’s worth remembering that good contractors and remodelers have a proficient process in place to help explain both costs and profits with you. Talk with your remodeler about money early in the process to make sure that your budget is met with accountability and transparency.


Average cost of a kitchen remodel in Chicago


Average home value for those completing their project


Chicagoland homeowners hired a professional to complete their project

Low-Range Kitchen Remodel Cost

If you’re looking for a minor overhaul to your Chicago kitchen without making significant changes, a low-range remodel may be the right choice. At $7,000-$20,000, this one is the most budget-friendly. A small kitchen remodel can cost as little as $6,000. As with many home improvements, the less you spend, the higher the potential return. That’s why this project has the highest average ROI when compared to kitchen renovations that cost more. 

A minor kitchen remodel assumes that you have a kitchen that needs some updates at the surface level. This means that you won’t be changing the layout, and you’ll be keeping most of the cabinetry. For the price, you get new door fronts with new hardware. Appliances are new and efficient but not flashy. This project opts for the inexpensive laminate for countertops, which now come in a variety of designs to mimic natural stone. Vinyl is the preferred choice in flooring for this remodel, but you may be surprised by how stylish it can look. Choose a trendy color for walls or trim and you’ll have a kitchen that feels up to date without spending over your budget.

Mid-range Kitchen Remodel Cost

For about $27,000- $46,000+ you can dramatically change the look and layout of your existing kitchen with a midrange kitchen remodel. At a higher expense, you can expect to get about 2/3 of what you invest as an increase in resale value. If the layout of your kitchen just isn’t working for you, or the cabinetry is very old and needs replacement, this project is probably your best bet.

A major kitchen remodel removes all the existing appliances and cabinetry and creates a new layout for improved function. Islands have become all but a requirement in modern Chicago kitchens. A good portion of the total expense goes into improvements like this, especially if you decide to add a dishwasher or stove that needs new plumbing or electric. Wood cabinets offer long-term durability and some ability to customize sizes and designs. Replacing your floor covering will dramatically transform the kitchen look. Many options are available nowadays. Especially if you’re looking for traditional appeal and look of wood, think about a wood-look option such as vinyl or ceramic tile, which you can likewise be used on the wall as a rustic backsplash.

High-end Upscale Kitchen Remodel Cost

Do you have an ancient kitchen that needs to be redone in almost every way? Did you get an awesome deal on an older house with a plan to turn the kitchen into a chef’s haven? An upscale kitchen remodel is meant for you. 

With this project, no expenses are spared. You’re going to get a kitchen that is both timeless and trendy in every way. High-end cabinetry supports whatever you need to put on it, especially the heavy-but-popular countertops like concrete or marble. Choose the year’s latest colors with an illuminated backsplash. Add commercial-grade appliances and you’ll be set for your next dinner party.

At $50,000-$90,000, this project is one of the most expensive you’ll take on for your home. With an ROI of around 60%, you want to make sure it’s the right choice. If you have high standards for your kitchen or your neighborhood expects the best, this is where to start.

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