Creative Small Kitchen Ideas

Chicago Gold Coast Condo Kitchen Renovation

Creative small kitchen ideas are easier to come by than you think

creative small kitchen ideas

NEFF’s AquaAssist Series compact oven has all the bells and whistles including a Slide and Hide door.

A dual burner stove is perfect for the condo dweller who needs a stove in case someone else offers to cook.

2 burner gas cooktop

 Kitchenaid lovers will love a Mixer Lift.


A built-in trash compactor solves the age-old riddle of where to hide the garbage can.

Trash CompactorTrash Compactor-tileTrash Compactor-wood

Chardonnay and champagne at your fingers tip. Chilled to the exact temperature your guests prefer.

Wine Cooler

Laundry centers are finding their way into modern condo kitchens.

An all-in-one unit or stacked combo is a popular option.



A hanging rack or freestanding version will put your pots and pans on display and in arms reach.

Functional and elegant storage makes for a win-win choice for homeowners and designers alike.

hanging pot rack


Ever wanted an under-cabinet organizer, knife rack, or a small shelf above the stove?



Under-cabinet lighting is a must for any small kitchen remodel.


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