How to add more room to your Condo Bathroom?

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Before and After Condo Bathroom Remodel

Who likes a small cramped bathroom? Not me thats for sure! Our team recently completed a project which required adding more room to the bathroom. The original bathroom was 5′ by 3′ wide but had an attached closet. By removing the existing closet we were able to increase the overall bathroom size to 8′ x 5′ wide. 123 Remodeling team completely demolished the existing bathroom, reframed, drywalled and constructed the new walk-in shower with glass enclosure and door.


Project Scope: Project Duration 1 Month to complete

  • New Customer Walk-in Shower Installation
  • Engineered Wood Flooring Installation
  • Install Kitchen Backsplash
  • Install Partition wall to add additional bedroom

Step by Step Guide to add more room to your Condo Bathroom

Before Photos

IMG_20140304_124427163 IMG_20140304_124436634

Demolition of Existing Bathroom

IMG_20140311_103202932 IMG_20140311_103156192

Framing walls of new bathroom and walk-in shower stall underlayment

  IMG_20140313_102521618IMG_20140317_112101345 IMG_20140317_112115277 IMG_20140317_112120827

Walk-In Shower Drywall and Shower Bench

IMG_20140320_144622201 IMG_20140320_144557033 IMG_20140320_144604252

Shower stall tile installation

IMG_20140403_130516575 IMG_20140409_140105017 IMG_20140409_140109239

IMG_20140403_130511139 IMG_20140403_130508015

Completed Shower Walk-In Shower

IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0543

The photos really showcase the various possibilities, when a project is planned out correctly and executed by professionals. Most bathroom spaces are under-utilized with clutter and outdated construction and styling. A bathroom can easily be enlarged and reconfigured to your personality and styling. Image, Design, Build with 123 Remodeling.

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