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When remodeling your kitchen, there are several types of kitchen countertops to choose from and different price ranges. Keep in mind that a kitchen counter is a place that will see a lot of wear and tear, so it is highly recommended not to install laminated or tiled ones. Although pricier, there is really nothing more attractive than a granite kitchen countertop. In addition to being stylish, granite holds up well against scratches and nicks.

However, quality and stylish countertops are certainly not limited to granite. Soapstone has come on recently as a trendy pick. Quartz, concrete, and marble all solid and stylish picks as well. Another trendy and unique look is butcher block. 123 Remodeling expert contractors will install the countertop of your choice and help you turn your kitchen into something special.

Functionality, durability, and aesthetics are the three main features to consider when choosing a countertop. Natural stones like granite are a popular choice because they provide all three of these features and are the perfect material for kitchen counters.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops

Do you want kitchen countertops as the ones shown above? If you live in the Chicago area, you’re in luck. Our professionals at 123 Remodeling would love to install new counters in your kitchen.

With the help of our experts, everyone will be complimenting your new kitchen.

Contact us today for your no obligation consultation. Just click the button below or Call us at 773-685-6095. A member of our staff will help you arrange an appointment to meet with one of our experienced Project Managers.


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