How to Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen

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Choosing the right cabinets is an essential part of kitchen design.

Cabinets are an essential part of a kitchen remodel since they have such a significant impact on the overall design, space, and budget of your project. You not only want to choose stylish and quality cabinets, but ones that are space-efficient, which will ultimately maximize the capabilities of your newly remodeled kitchen.

When choosing the right cabinets, you should focus on the door style and finish. Simple kitchen cabinet doors are composed of flat panels that can negate the overall design of your kitchen. On the other hand, custom-made cabinets can enhance your kitchen with designs, such as breaded board, multiple borders, or a raised border.

The finish of the cabinet will impact the overall look of your kitchen. Finishes such as, glazed, distressed, matte, and crackled may be used to match the countertops and backsplash. Conversely, some choose to install unfinished cabinets as a way to give their kitchens a natural wood look. Below are a few examples of popular cabinets that may provide you with ideas for your own kitchen remodel. 123 Remodeling experts can fit your kitchen with cabinets of your choice.

Classic Look Cabinets

classic kitchen cabinets 123remodeling

These traditional cabinets provide a classic, elegant look. The white handles are used to contrast with the brown background and complement the rest of the kitchen. The textures add style to the surface and enhance the feeling of depth. Compare that with these more modern style cabinets below.

Modern Dark Wood Cabinets

dark wooden cabinets

Notice how the modern style is much cleaner and simpler than the classic style. The modern style also tends to use solid colors, whereas traditional styles use more patterns and textures. The handles match the stainless steel appliances, which is another common theme in modern design.

Modern Lamented Cabinets

Here’s another example of modern design, except this time with a lighter version.

Chicago Logan Square Kitchen Renovation Modern Cabinets

These modern style cabinets feature a plain-colored unified feel. The simplicity of modern design helps create a feeling of more open space in the environment. The white cabinets really help the wood floor stand out. This style works well with a modern style kitchen with an open design.

Upgrading Your Cabinets

Do you want cabinets like the ones shown above? If you live in the Chicago area, you’re in luck. Our professionals at 123 Remodeling would love to install new cabinets in your home. With the help of our experts, everyone will be complimenting your new cabinets.

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