Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Tips

So, you want to remodel your bathroom, but dropping several thousand dollars on a complete overhaul is far beyond what you’re able to afford right now. That doesn’t mean you have to put your remodel on the back burner. There are many different types of upgrades you can still do, as long as you make smart decisions during your remodel. Here are a few tips to help you find the lowest bathroom remodeling prices in Chicago Area.

Bathroom Remodeling

Minimize Tile Usage

Tile is a great material to use for bathroom upgrades, but it can be extremely costly, causing your remodel budget to run out very quickly. Rather than putting tile all over the bathroom, try focusing it on higher-impact areas. For example, you can just put tile on the floor, instead of on the floor and shower stall walls. Or, you can just do a single strip of tiles on the walls, and paint the rest to make a beautiful yet simple statement with your design.

Save on Countertops

Chicago Logan Square Guest Bathroom Renovation

Replacing countertops with a high-end material like granite is a popular way to upgrade your bathroom. Since bathroom counters are usually quite small, it’s not a huge investment, but there are still ways you can save here so that you can use your budget in other areas. If you have your heart set on granite, consider getting a non-neutral color, as neutral tones tend to cost more. You can also purchase slabs with imperfections at a lower price.

If you’re open to other ideas, one popular option among DIY renovators now is to use an old dresser as a sink pedestal. Look for ways to reuse and renovate old dressers in your bathroom, and see if there are any designs that inspire you.

Paint and Fixtures

If you don’t have much of a budget, then the most effective way to spend your money will be on new paint and fixtures. By repainting your walls and replacing fixtures like drawer pulls and even the sink fixtures, you can give your bathroom a totally new look with minimal investment. Redoing the grout and caulk around your bathroom can also help things look fresh and new as well.

Don’t Replace the Tub

Chicago Lincoln Square Bathroom Tub Remodeling

If you want to get a new look for your tub, there is another option besides pulling out the old one and putting in an entirely new tub. Tub liners are much cheaper and can give you the look of a brand-new tub without the high price tag. While liners don’t work for every bathroom remodel, and it can make your tub a little smaller, it is a good option to consider if you’re trying to save money on your remodel.

 Look for Used Items

Most people don’t know that they can purchase bathroom fixtures used, but places do exist that sell these items. Do a little research, and you can find used mirrors, doors, sinks, and even toilets and tubs. Buying these used items can save you quite a bit on your remodeling budget, so try to use them wherever you can.

If you’re remodeling a small bathroom on a budget in Chicago, you don’t have to try to do it all yourself to stay within budget. There are companies out there who can work with your budget, so do some searching and find an expert to help you.

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