4 Topmost Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great way to upgrade the floors and must be considered if you are not satisfied with the current carpets and designs in the bathroom or kitchen area. These types of flooring can last longer and they give you the ultimate value for money, as these are not prone to moisture effects or spills of any kind. This flooring is actually a floating floor that appears like the digital picture of hardwood. This kind of flooring is less expensive both labor wise and material wise and may be placed on the existing floor without any need to rip the floor.

laminate flooring installation

Benefits of installing laminate floors

1. Enjoying greater affordability with laminate floors

Compared to wood and tile, laminate flooring is cost-effective and affordable and gives the kitchen and living room wood-like luxury.

For a more cost-effective alternative, go for a design that looks more authentic. The laminate floor replicates ceramic tiles to make the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room pop up in appearance without requiring a lot of money.

2. Endless possibilities

As far as the design element is concerned, the laminate flooring offers endless possibilities. Checkerboard printing for example. The designs and colors of the laminate flooring can be taken as the checkered patterns, the stone, and the looks like softwood or the hardwood varieties. For natural wood designs, you may choose among a variety of colors, styles, and grains.

3. The easy-to-install

Are you looking for a do-it-yourself floor installation? Laminate flooring will be the best option. The local home improvement store can really show you ways of installing the floors. Anyone lacking experience in floor installation can do things himself. The self-securing style will not need gluing. Cut the material and lastly set them down.

4. Laminate floor as the durable option!

A laminate floor is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, scratches, and stains. You only need to prevent poking holes or tearing from taking place. Moving heavy furniture or the dropping of sharp items can lead to floor damages. The floors look amazing with a little bit of care. Besides this, these do not need any chemical cleaning solution. The maintenance of the floor is easy and convenient. Common household cleaning solutions will never damage the color or floor material. If you by a chance tear or scratch the floor, an expert can resolve the issue.

Installation tips for laminate flooring

laminate flooring in the attic

If you live in a condo, it benefits you to install laminate flooring. Choose the floor which you wish to install and purchase a good quality underlay. Check out the edges and corners for imperfections.

  • While installing the floor, decide on the direction you wish the flooring to go.
  • Run laminate floor with light not across. If the lights are across, the ripples and joints will become evident.
  • Arrange for the necessary installation tools needed like a chop saw to cut the board in lengths. Jigsaw to rip the board into width and notching. Hammer will be needed to tap the floor and a small pry bar to snap the last piece of board into its place.
  • Start laying the floor with the wood tongue against the chosen long wall. Stand a shim between the wall and the floor at each joint.
  • Start the second row with the leftover piece. The row must start from left to right. Laminate flooring is the popular choice of modern homeowners. After the completion of the floor installation, do not forget to install the baseboard around the room.

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