Transitional Bathroom Remodeling in Uptown

Our design intent was to create and update a master bathroom to become a more modern and open layout. There were existing skylights that we wanted to utilize and brighten the space because it was dark, dated, and closed off, making the layout inefficient. The client also wanted to add a tub, which did not exist. We reconfigured the entire layout to allow for adding a freestanding tub. We accomplished this by designing the shower and tub area to create a wet room on one side of the space.

  • Category: Transitional Bathroom Remodel in High-Rise
  • Features: Merged tub and shower area
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Uptown, Chicago, IL

The style incorporated modern features such as the light wood floating vanity and stacked vertical wall tile, but also incorporated timeless aesthetics, specifically the marble tile flooring and brushed nickel plumbing fixtures. Mixing different elements together creates a more cohesive blend of modern and transitional styles. For a finishing touch, and to add finishing details to the mix, we included brushed nickel, matte black, and gold finishes that all balance each other.

What Materials We Used

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