Open-Concept Kitchen Remodeling in Skokie, IL

123 Remodeling crew and our in-house interior designer Jenna Rose completely renovated this large kitchen in Skokie, Illinois. Our team created a fresh and modern space to cook and gather with family and friends over a large dining table.

Features: Open concept; Custom fireplace; Oak wood flooring; Island-integrated wine-cooler, dishwasher and microwave
Year: 2021
Location: Skokie, IL 60203

We started with structural changes and demolished a load-bearing wall between the kitchen and dining area to create an open concept. Then we built a massive Carrera marble quartz island that is as functional as luxurious looking with a built-in wine cooler, dishwasher, and microwave. Three stylish pendant lights and a dozen of recessed can lights make the room feel larger and brighter. We opted-in for a counter-depth stainless sub-zero refrigerator and encased it with a custom-made cabinet extension.

While white is traditional and the most popular color for kitchens, it’s easy for such a room to look stark and cold. So our designer mixed glossy white cabinets with gray backsplash tiles and white-gray countertops. We also intermixed it with the natural oak shelves and plant decor to add warm contrasting elements.

The open kitchen concept looks good only if all parts of the space are visually appealing – that’s why we remodeled the fireplace, refinished the chimney, and enclosed it in concrete.

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