Small Guest Bathroom Remodel in Ravenswood

The owner of this Ravenswood condo has been holding onto this ornate wooden mirror for sometime. We used it as the inspiration to craft a bathroom that references the history of the neighborhood while incorporating modern touches. The final bathroom is stylish, classic, and functional.

  • Category: Small Bathroom Remodel
  • Features: Antique carved mirror; Custom hinged shower
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

What We Did

The original bathroom had a pedestal sink and no storage, so that’s the first thing that had to change. And since we’re using this incredible mirror instead of a standard medicine cabinet, we need more options. Thus the large vanity and open shelving. The vanity is birch with a cinder finish, carved in a Colonial style with traditional turned-post legs to coordinate with the style of the antique mirror. The dark wood contrasts with the white Carrara Marmi marble-look quartz countertop, which has an undermount sink. The floor and shower floor is a porcelain hexagon mosaic with a marble print to match the countertop.

The hardware is all polished nickel, which has shine but also picks up the colors around it so it doesn’t stand out too much. The swing lever handles on the sink reference the shape of the vanity’s legs, creating cohesion between two uncommon elements.

The layout of this trapezoidal bathroom is a bit odd, but we still fit a full shower into a nook behind the door. This shower is custom built to use the unusual dimensions of the space and includes a fabricated hinged glass door (a classier option than a shower curtain, and a perfect fit for the small corner). The walls are a classic white subway tile with gray grout, keeping it simple while matching the colors on the floor. We built a roomy niche into the shower, so you have recessed storage and don’t need a shower caddy.

At the end of the project, we have a bathroom that’s clean and simple, with just enough decorative details to keep it interesting.

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