Primary Bathroom Remodel on Honore St.

The goals were creating an open and airy feel, maintaining a large shower, and updating the style. Everything was gutted out initially. The shower walls were lowered, and tiling extended to the ceiling for vertical expansion. A freestanding tub with a floor-mounted filler created movement and visual space. Vertically stacked, textured shower tiles added a contemporary yet warm vibe. The new vanity offered better storage, complemented by stylish medicine cabinets. Single-lever faucets provided a clean look while new lighting brightened the space.

  • Category: Bathroom Renovation
  • Features: Spa-room
  • Year: 2024
  • Location: East Village Chicago, IL 60622

What the client wanted

The clients, who were expecting their first child, had specific goals for their primary bathroom renovation before the baby’s arrival. Their main objectives were:

  • Resolving mold issues within the existing bathroom
  • Opening up the space and creating an airy, larger-feeling environment
  • Maintaining a spacious shower area
  • Updating the overall aesthetic to align with their personal style preferences

As first-time parents, they desired a functional yet inviting bathroom that would cater to their changing needs and provide a relaxing retreat amid the demands of parenthood.

What was done

To address the clients’ requirements, the following renovations were undertaken:

Demolition and Preparation:

  • The entire bathroom was gutted, with all existing fixtures, tiles, and materials removed to start with a clean slate.

Spatial Enhancements:

  • The height of the shower walls was decreased to create a more open and vertically expansive feel.
  • Wall tiles were extended to the ceiling, further enhancing the sense of spaciousness and airiness.

Shower Area:

  • A large, comfortable shower area was maintained, with vertically stacked tiles in a contemporary yet warm, textured pattern adorning the shower walls.

Bathtub Nook:

  • A freestanding bathtub was installed, complemented by a floor-mounted tub filler, introducing curves and movement within the space.
  • The bathtub nook was designed as an inviting retreat, visually separated from the main area.

Vanity and Storage:

  • A new vanity with ample interior storage was installed, providing practical and organized solutions.
  • Two stylish medicine cabinets were added, offering additional storage space while contributing to the updated aesthetic.

Fixtures and Finishes:

  • Single-lever faucets were chosen for a clean, contemporary look and improved counter space utilization.
  • New lighting fixtures were installed, ensuring proper illumination and enhancing the overall ambiance.


  • A more powerful exhaust fan was integrated to effectively remove moisture and maintain a fresh, comfortable environment.

Overall, the renovation transformed the bathroom into an inviting, spa-like sanctuary that balanced functionality, style, and a sense of tranquility, meeting the clients’ desires for a relaxing oasis before welcoming their newborn.

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