Small Kitchen Remodel in Evanston, IL

This smaller condo kitchen (4′ x 12′) in Chicago’s North Shore suburb, Evanston, IL has been completely gutted and rehabbed to create an open layout with an dining area and accessible storage.

Features: Transitional white kitchen with bright red accents
Year: 2016
Location: Evanston, IL

What We Did

  • Removal of old wall dividing dining room and kitchen, installation of island countertop eating area, complete with storage and electrical outlet.
  • Reconfigured placement of all appliances for optimal space-saving and functionality. Moved the placement of light fixture in dining room toward new island area. Removal of old track lighting and installation of recessed can-lighting in kitchen, creating more headroom.
  • Hardwood flooring replacing the older tiled flooring, new white subway tile backsplash with new matching countertops.
  • Installation custom floor-to-ceiling white cabinetry replacing the older pine cabinetry and all-white appliances.

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