5 Ways To Keep Busy At Home

Now that everyone is practicing social distancing to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, staying at home is not as breezy and glam or restful as we always imagined. So, if you’re searching for some home improvement and cleaning activities to adopt during this time, then here are a few to help you out during these strange times.


1. Cleaning your rugs

The piles and fibers of area rugs are an ideal place for the dirt, muck, and germs to stick around, which is why now is the perfect time to clean them. However, short of having to steam clean, there is very little else you can do to fully disinfect this particular soft surface. If you have a terrace, then drag out the rug there and wash it with water at the hottest possible setting.


2. Disinfecting your floors

Aside from rugs, the floor is a haven for germs. So, no matter what kind of finish you’ve got – be it tiles, vinyl, hardwood, terrazzo, etc. – you need to take the proper precautionary measures to disinfect it. Do not forget to clean the grouting as that’s exactly where the germs escape. Pro tip: you must clean before disinfecting, as germs can hide behind the dirt.


3. Organizing your closet

There’s no bigger sadness than owning a full-sized closet and not keeping it organized. Therefore, you can utilize this time to compartmentalize all of your things. Make room for all the things that have been haphazardly stowed within the wardrobes. Organize your shoes. Make sense of all your clothes, and do not forget to wipe off all the closet surfaces before you start organizing them.


4. Organizing cleaning carriers

Transitional spaces are the hub of all germ entrance, and these are the places that you should focus on the most while working through your isolation frustration. You can make DIY cleaning carriers to put in your entrance-way, kitchens, and other transitional areas. Focus on organizing cleaning supplies that you have in your hallway. Make room for outdoor and indoor shoes. You’ll have a lot of fun organizing this space.


5. Steam-cleaning/disinfecting soft-surfaces

It’s a well-known fact that normal disinfectants do not work on soft, non-porous surfaces. So, this particular task will keep you busy for a while. You can either get a fabric disinfectant or choose to wash your sofas with hot water.

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