Economic downturn leads Chicago remodeling companies to start business in North Shore suburbs

Increasing prices, inflation and looming recession cause local businesses to expand their service to previously unexplored areas.

We’ve talked with Lior Kahana, General Manager of Chicago-based 123 Remodeling to learn why their company expanded to the suburban market.

How did the current economy impact your business?

“It was a rough year for businesses in Chicago due to a few negative factors. Many homeowners postponed home updates for better times to save their budget for more urgent needs. Also, prices for materials increased by 12-20% due to shipment costs. Nevertheless, 123 Remodeling managed to keep every employee and even hire a new designer.”

What makes the North Shore good for business?

“People in Evanston, Glenview, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Wilmette, Deerfield, Skokie, Winnetka, Northbrook, Lake Forest, Morton Grove and other Northern suburbs do care about their homes and property value. North Shore towns and villages feature grand historical homes and higher than average income. It’s always nice to work in a spacious house rather than a cramped condo as it allows for more creative freedom for our interior designers.”

Is there a difference in style and aesthetic preferences?

“We have been working in Chicago for the last 15 years and know all the ins and outs of the homeowner’s wishes. But the North Shore is a completely different market where people are looking for elegant, sophisticated homes and intricate designs. Farmhouse and mid-century modern are two of the top requests there. Our designers had an opportunity to explore those styles in depth and provide the highest quality design-build service.”

How’s the business going? 

“Despite all the bumps, we’re busy. We have over thirty projects in progress at all times, which is a great achievement of our talented team. Word of mouth and glowing reviews have been a driving factor for our success.”

What’s your advice for someone starting a business in the North Shore?

“It might be challenging at first but this area is extremely rewarding and has many opportunities for small and medium businesses.”

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