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Home Remodeling Projects with High Return On Investment (ROI)

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Home Improvment Return on Investment

123 Remodeling Chicago strives to provide our customers the best remodeling options that will help increase the return on investment when the housing market improves. These 8 home remodeling options can be done within a minimal budget and significantly raise your home value. The remodeling tips are broken down into Kitchen Upgrades, Bathroom Upgrades, Interior Upgrades and Exterior Upgrades.

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8 Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Home Value

Kitchen Remodeling Home Improvements

1. Replace Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Undermount Kitchen Sink Upgrade

Example of an Under-Mounted Kitchen Sink

As simple as this may seem, these upgrades get a lot of use thus the wear and tear on these items is much higher. Upgrade the sink for design and function, dual sinks are great option, think about what will be placed in the sink, and the style & finish. Current trends point towards under-mounted sinks, which not only look good but also provide an easy cleaning solution. Stainless sinks or cast-iron sinks range from $800 – $1000 and are the ideal option for Kitchens with high use.

Additionally if you do decide to replace the sink, you would also want to upgrade the Kitchen Faucet. Kitchen Faucet Technology has come a long way with various options like a high-necks that integrate a Sprayer or even a Water Filter. Faucets are available in multiple finishes from the common stainless steel to bronze or polished brass which may fit your personal styling.



2. Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Wood Cabinets Refinished with Dark Stain

A complete Kitchen Remodel can cost between $20,000 to $50,000 however rather than doing a complete Kitchen Remodel there are some cheaper alternatives which can greatly impact the look and feel. Resurfacing your cabinets is an easy, cost-effective upgrade. One of the more cost-effective solutions is to repaint the cabinets which will cost between $3000 – $5000. Another solution which is slightly pricier ($5000 to $15000) is to refinish the wood cabinets with a new look, stain can be used to give a darker or lighter finish. This upgrade option can drastically change the look at feel of the whole kitchen. Upgrading the cabinet hardware is highly recommended as small kitchen upgrades like these can recoup about 83% of the cost when its time to sell.




3. Replace your Countertops

Traditional Butcher Block Counter Top

Example Butcher Block Countertop

Kitchen countertops are one area most homeowners do not think to upgrade however these small upgrades can add value. Natural stone countertops, such as granite, or Laminate countertops have dominated the market, however countertop technology has also evolved with countertops made of recycled materials like glass or concrete which use hardly any natural resources. Traditional Kitchen countertops like Wood Block or Stainless steel are now making a comeback with variations of Copper or Quartz tops. Laminate countertops offer an affordable solution at $25 to $50 a linear foot while Quartz, Granite or Natural Stone go from $50 to $125 per linear foot. For a more modern designer look, concrete or recycled glass might be an additional replacement solution.




Bathroom Remodeling Home Improvements

1. Replace Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets, Sink, Sink Faucets and Bath Tub or Shower Fixtures

Upgraded Bathroom Vanity & Sink

Example Vanity and Vanity Sink Upgrade

Latest bathroom remodeling trends show a rising popularity of sleek stand-alone bowl sinks or sturdy, under-mounted vanities. Replacements can cost between $1000 to $5000 depending on style and faucet options. Sink Faucets can range from $100 to $1000 and come in various finishes and styles,  however when you sell your home, an upscale bathroom can return around 60-70% of your investment.

Bathtub and shower fixtures can add value to your upscale bathroom all of which come in various designs from multipoints of spray to jacuzzi tubs with built-in massaging jets. These can range from $100 to $1000 and once again can be customized to your style and personality.

2. Toilets, Tubs & Custom Shower Stalls

Toilets and tubs can be an easy upgrade since they fit over present plumbing and are fairly cheap and easy to install. Though these types of upgrades may require a separate plumber with 123 Remodeling we can do the complete installation without requiring a separate installer. Toilets can cost between $150 to $600 however with newer technology toilets can reduce your overall water consumption and help save our environment. Tub prices range from $350 to $1000, however removing the old unit generally costs between $300 and $500. Custom shower stalls can range from $1000 to $3000 current trends show an increase in shower stall replacements adding more value than bathtubs.

Interior Home Improvements

Replace Your Windows

New windows can be a major selling point, not only do they impact the aesthetics by modernizing your look, modern windows provide energy-efficiency resulting in monthly energy cost savings. Expect to recoup around 70% to 80% of your investment by replacing windows. The average cost of window replacement on a typical home can range between $8000 to $10,000. While doing a window replacement we recommend replacing the window frame and trim since both normally impact energy efficiency.

Exterior Home Improvements

1. Replace Your Home’s Old Wood Siding or Aged Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding usually comes with a 20-year durability guarantee and it’s a quick and easy upgrade. Not only will this type of investment impact your overall home value but rather it will make your home look like it has just been re-built. Vinyl siding replacements can range from $10,000 to $15,000 for a typical medium-sized home, while Fiber-cement which is another recommendation by 123 Remodeling Chicago, can cost between $12,000 to $18,000. Fiber-cement usually has a 50 year durability guarantee which does make it an ideal option as a long-term investment. By replacing your siding you can expect to recoup 80% to 90% of the project cost.

2. Re-Roofing Your Home

Though roofing is labor-intensive and not cheap. A typical roof replacement on a mid-sized home can cost between $12000 to $18,000, while a slate or tin roof replacement can cost more. Cheaper roofing shingles come with a 20 year warranty, while premium shingles will have a 50 year warranty. One major advantage like that of Siding replacement is the added curbside appeal. Expect around 60% to 70% of the cost to be recouped when you sell, according to industry experts.