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by / Friday, 02 October 2015 / Published in Chicago Staircase Construction
animated gif stairway remodeling

animated gif stairway remodelingGoing up?  Thinking about re-structuring, repair or creating a new stairwell in your home, 123 Remodeling can help.  We have removed, created and installed interior/exterior stairways, for decks, homes and buildings.


  1. Stairway Remodeling (interior front-side)
  2. Stairway Remodeling (interior rear-side)
  3. Metal Stairway (exterior for 4-flat building)
  4. Patio / Wooden Deck Remodeling (exterior for town-home)
  5. Metal Stairway (interior for commercial space)



Stairway Remodeling (interior front-side of 2-flat unit in Jefferson Park Complete Gut project, click on STAIRS F tab)


Stairway Remodeling (interior rear-side of 2-flat unit in Jefferson Park Complete Gut project, click on STAIRS R tab)


Metal Stairway (exterior for 4-flat building in Logan Square project)


Patio / Wooden Deck Remodeling (exterior for town-home in Roscoe Village project)


Metal Stairway (interior for commercial space in Jefferson Park Steel Stairway project)

Project Video

Stairway remodeling and exterior remodeling adds functionality and instant ROI for the homeowner.  123 Remodeling has completed projects for condo, bathroom, kitchens, basements, complete gut and many more project – see them all at our Project Gallery.

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