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Remodeling A Condo or Loft Bathroom as Easy as 123

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Glass Enclosure Bathtub Shower Replacement

Condo or Loft bathroom remodeling can have its challenges, first being that condo rules governed by the condo association can impact what changes you may be allowed to make, second most condo bathrooms have limited available space, third due to the typically small space most fixtures that aren’t easily moved (like plumbing or electrical), and finally taking the generic space to reflect your personality and style. However, if updating your bathroom is a priority and want to improve the condo’s real estate value, there are several ways to give new life despite the challenges and restrictions.

Important!!!!!  – Check Condo Rules
  • Prior to making any changes to the bathroom review your condo’s rules and bylaws to make sure the changes being made are acceptable
  • Condo associations typically only allow owners to modify features on their side of the structural walls, thus restrictions on changes to the plumbing, wiring, roof and exterior of your condo may not be possible.
  • Rules may also require remodeling plans be consistent with the rest of the developments appearance to maintain it’s over look.
  • Consult with the condo association board to verify that your bathroom remodeling plans are acceptable before you waste time and money.

1) Bathtub Replacement

In general most condo bathrooms are cramped, worse it may contain a large bath tub which reduces the overall available space. One recommendation by 123 Remodeling – Chicago is to remove the old tub and replace with a shower stall which will greatly increase available space within the bathroom. Walk-in showers come in a variety of designs, including space-saving corner stalls and frame-less enclosures.

Frameless Shower enclosure
  • thick glass panels / glass door(s)
  • Provides wide-open feeling due to transparency
  • Ideal for Decorative tile designs – unobstructed view of the pattern.
Traditional Shower Stall
  • metal framework to hold panels and doors
  • Custom Shower Stall Variations
  • Custom Bench Seating

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2) Color


Though most condo association rules and bylaws may be strict, chances are painting the bathroom walls will be part of the acceptable changes. Though this may be a small change, changing the color scheme can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel. Though there are thousands of shades of paint, by utilizing 123 Remodeling – Chicago’s interior design team who will layout the ideal color scheme which can reflect your personality and style. Below are some of our recommendations:

  • Light shades – to help open up the space, however does not always need to be white or egg-shell
  • Light blue or green shades – Gives your bathroom a soothing, spa like feel.
  • Pale Yellow’s or Orange – Provide a warm, inviting feel
  • Dark bolder shades – Good for larger bathrooms which make striking statements

3) Vanity Upgrades


Vanity upgrades can drastically change the look and feel by removing the generic feel of condo bathrooms which are designed to look-alike. Plain vanity designs are the norm for condo or loft bathroom, 123 Remodeling recommends replacing the existing vanity with a more unique piece which can provide a modern feel.

  • Wooden Vanity offers a traditional look and can add character to the space.
  • Another option using modern styling makeover, simple vanity designs which are one piece or stainless steel can add varying colors and modern design.
  • For cramped bathrooms, consider a vanity with an open shelf instead of doors to help make the space feel larger.
  • Countertops and Fixture Materials – Granite or brushed-nickel, or bronze faucet provide minor accents that make a significant difference in the bathroom.

123 Remodeling can handle the careful planning required when dealing with a condo association and adding your creative ideas and personality by providing various options to greatly impact the changes.