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Project Update: Garden Unit Drainage Repairs

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Garden Unit Drainage Issues

Floods can easily cause damage to your home’s basement as water could easily leak through weak foundation. Flooding through foundation occurs when there is standing water that is not dispersed correctly. Keeping water away from your buildings foundations is vitally important in protection against a flood. In this project, we worked with our client to view what the best options would be focusing on the piece of mind of the client during a potential rainstorm. The client, who was also the landlord, made it clear that water getting into the basement could not happen again. In response to this, we decided to take a custom route.

Following all necessary building codes and ordinances, an estimated 8″ of ground was dug out around the side of the building that was experiencing the issue. In this 8″ ditch an additional layer of foundation was placed which was created from a concrete barrier for increased security against any possible standing water.  In front of this foundation, a drain was placed  that would deal with standing water. Following this process,  a custom channel of piping was created that would direct the drainage towards the main sewer of the building. On the opposite side of the building a pump was then placed. The action of the pump would cause any water to be pumped out of the basements’ drain reservoirs away from the foundation into the sewer. All custom piping and channeling that was done was hidden away in ground. This is the most cost efficient and beneficial way of safeguarding your basement from water. This process greatly increases safety from floods and almost eliminates the chances of flooding through foundation.

The project was completed with installation of new sod.