Bathroom Rehab – 1553 N Bell Ave, Chicago, IL (Wicker Park)




What we did

  • Demo of entire bathroom
    • There was extensive water damage to the floor and shower from bad waterproofing, so the subfloor was rotten.
    • We ripped everything out, and packed up the toilet and vanity to reinstall later.
  • Frame new shower
    • This bathroom is shaped a bit awkwardly, and the original shower took up a large portion of it.
    • The new shower is a compact rectangle, which looks much cleaner and gives a more functional floorplan.
    • The shower walls are white, marble-look ceramic, and the floor is a taupe hexagonal porcelain.
    • Custom glass swinging enclosure
  • New plumbing with wider diameter
    • While we were in there, we found that the plumbing was old, falling apart, and not up to code.
    • We replaced it with fresh pipes that should be good for years to come (and provide better water pressure).
  • Flooring
    • The subflooring was rotten from water build up, and had a major slope problem, thus the tile was cracking and ruined.
    • We leveled the floor and installed new gray, marble-look ceramic (blending the shower floor and wall so everything is cohesive).
    • We also used epoxy grout, which is a little more difficult to install, but creates a tighter bond to prevent future water damage to the subfloor.



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