Why is now a great time to work in construction? – guest post from GenieBelt

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The construction industry is unarguably one of the biggest employers in the US. To be precise, as many as around 20% of all jobs offered in the country in April last year were from the construction industry.

It has also been steadily employing skilled employees throughout the year, and apparently, things are only going to get better for it this year. Furthermore, many experts predict that it’s probably just the beginning, and the best is yet to come for the construction industry.

Also, the overall job openings in the construction industry grew 36% year-on-year, which is probably one of the best figures in recent times.

Many experts link this upsurge in the demand for employees in the industry to a shortage of skilled workforce. And their opinions are actually backed by various surveys, too, with a recent one from the American Association of General Contractors suggesting that as many as around 80% companies in the industry are looking to expand their workforce. Similarly, it also said that 87% of them are finding it challenging to find the right, skilled employees for many available positions.




The demand is only expected to grow

As mentioned above, the demand may keep rising steadily over the next decade or so. One of the most important reasons for it is that around 250,000 baby boomers are expected to retire this decade, and employers might be desperate to fill their vacant positions with skilled employees.

Furthermore, most sub-industries which only used to be seasonal are growing into being active throughout the year. That being said, there definitely seems to be an all-round development in the industry.


The money is good

Gas Heating SystemThat’s right! If you have the skills the employers are looking for, you can surely make good money no matter the job position you take up. Similarly, many large companies in the construction industry are constantly trying to find and retain top talent, so you will be offered all the rewards for being a loyal employee and sticking to your employer for a long time.

Needless to say, the increase in salary may turn out to be pretty good as well, given your performance is up to the mark.

Also, there seem to be many sub-industries in the construction sector that you can consider getting into, and pretty much every one of them looks reasonably promising as of now. While things seem to be subject to fluctuations according to the trends in the economy, but they may get reasonably stable once the economy finds its footing.


Reasonably easy to climb the corporate ladder

Well, as noted above, the construction industry is doing really good currently and might grow even better over the coming years. This means ample opportunities for those with skills and experience to climb the corporate ladder fairly quickly than they otherwise would.

Top managerial positions such as foreman, supervisor, superintendent, project manager and more are believed to be some really good positions to be at, and with the right amount of hard work and experience, you can certainly get there sooner than you can imagine.

This is especially true for employees getting into the industry now, as the growth phase that’s yet to come, and is expected to come, might bring many great opportunities for them in the coming years.