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Manage Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

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kitchen-layoutThe famous American TV and film actress Eva Longoria quoted-“My worst habit in the kitchen is not allowing anybody to help me. I like to cook by myself”. Of course, if you are good at cooking, you would certainly like to take all the commands alone in your kitchen without anyone’s help. Moreover preparing a cuisine alone gives you the utmost satisfaction level for your artistic skills. Isn’t it true?

Now just imagine the following scenarios

  • SCENARIO 1- You have last minutes preparation left while your guests are waiting alone. All of a sudden you found your cutlery set missing! What would be your move?
  • SCENERIO 2- Finishing out a stressful day at the office, when you return back to your home, you found your kitchen untidy. How would you control your anger?

You really feel like let’s say-“Why always me” right?

No doubt, you might have encountered with any one of these situations while working in your kitchen. Probably, many times you would have had left the kitchen in same pathetic state. It’s a fact that we enjoy cooking and preparing dishes in the pantry, but equally many times we overlook the necessity of managing the kitchen. Gradually, if this procedure is continued then you could believe; that you are transforming it into something useless.


What Could Be The Reason?

Obviously, there are many factors acting behind this reason. One of the prime reasons is the improper storage of kitchen items whether it is an appliance, cutlery or any sort of containers. For one they cover unnecessary spaces and secondly, the belongings certainly start getting misplaced from their proper places. At the time of the requirement, when you look out for them like blenders, bowls or spoons, you never find them on their proper place.


Rules for a Perfect Kitchen:

Just as you arrange your rooms, living areas, dining areas etc, you need to arrange your kitchens too. There are some of the rules to have a perfect kitchen. Now this may sound something unusual but just have a look upon the points-

  • If it smells, throw it away
  • If it’s dirty, wash it
  • If you get it out, put it away
  • If you spill it, wipe it up
  • If its ON, turn it OFF

(Source link- Interesting isn’t it? But what if you find it hard to access the belongings of your kitchen?

Put On Your Thinking Caps:

There’s solution for every issue. If the installed furnishings of your kitchen are not upright then there are many alternatives to make them perfect. For instance, you bought a new set of crockery but your kitchen doesn’t allow you to store it due to lack of space and short cabinets. There are many similar situations with this regard. This issue arises generally with the kitchens having confined space. Upgrade your kitchen by bringing up the cabinets to the height of the ceiling. Not only it would make your kitchen spacious, but you could be able to access your belongings conveniently.

Buy Only If Necessary:

You saw a kitchen hold item. It looked appealing and you grabbed it instantly. Further you never know when you would start using it. What would be the consequences? It would unnecessarily occupy the space which you could use for other purposes. To be more precise, know the priorities of items you are looking for your kitchen, restrict yourself from unnecessary purchase. Doing so, will keep you away from the probabilities of overstuffing your kitchen and will keep it spacious and liveable.


Rely On a Designer:

Certainly, there are many things which you could hardly figure out to upgrade your kitchen. However if you plan to upgrade, relying upon a professional kitchen design Melbourne company could be a win-win solution for you. There are ample of such companies in Melbourne, transforming your kitchen with their out of the box ideas. Additionally, many of them are highly affordable too.

To summarize, it all depends upon creativity. Managing a kitchen is not a fuss. All it needs is a small part of your time. The more you dedicate, the better workable would be your kitchen. Think about it.

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Stephanie is an interior decorator and works for a dedicated kitchen design Melbourne company. Apart from her profession she likes to provide various ideas to manage all sorts of kitchens.