Luxury Closet Design Ideas

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luxury closet design ideas

If you put a lot of effort into your wardrobe, you probably want a large walk-in closet to store all of your nice clothes. A luxury closet is a great addition to any master bedroom, whether you’re redesigning your entire bedroom or just upgrading the closet. We’ve put together this list of photos and ideas to help with your luxury closet design.

If you have more clothes than storage space, you should definitely consider upgrading to a nice walk-in closet.  It’s good to have enough space so you’re not always rotating clothes in and out.

Instead, treat yourself to a luxury closet design that can comfortably fit your entire wardrobe.

Here’s a simple contemporary closet. The white shelving really makes the colors from the clothes stand out.

Couch in a closet? Have a nice comfortable seat for putting on shoes.

A corner bench is a nice addition for a master closet.

This traditional closet feels more like a bedroom than a closet.

Here’s a modern closet with aluminum shelving and an open design.

This closet has a washer and dryer in it, so it’s not a far walk to put away your clean laundry.

Add a ladder to your master closet to utilize high storage space.

This luxury closet has a nice vanity with a chair.

If you have a lot of vertical space, you can even add a spiral staircase to your closet.

Here’s a minimalistic closet design for a modern style bedroom.

Here are some walk-through closets that connect the bathroom to the bedroom.

Here’s a luxurious, modern-style closet with a fancy lighting fixture.

This closet has an elevator in it, contrasting old style with futuristic.

Vertical washer and dryer built right into this closet.

Here’s a spacious closet with pull-out shelving.

These opaque doors go well with modern style designs.

These space-efficient organizers rotate 360 degrees.

Upgrade Your Closet

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