Rehab in Downtown Glen Ellyn

by / Friday, 13 January 2017 / Published in Chicago Gut Rehabs, Latest posts

123 Remodeling’s latest rehab project takes us to Glen Ellyn where we’re taking a pair of old buildings on Main st into the 21st century.

The North building, built in 1973


The South building, built in 1927

We’re delving into some historic properties, one of which will be turning 90 this year. We’ll be gutting these buildings completely and updating them from the inside out.

First order of business is revamping the ground floor retail space.

While there will be plenty of renovation geared toward raising the property value, the vast majority is increasing the functionality of it. The first floor’s finishes haven’t been touched in decades, and so will be completely redone to bring them into the 21st century. So obviously we’ll be replacing all that old vinyl and plaster. Presently it’s a large hardware store, but we’re renovating it and partitioning it into 5 or 6 separate retail spaces which will be available to stores wanting to move into the area. Situated on Main street, the sidewalk is  high traffic. It’s one of the best retail locations in Glen Ellyn, where commercial areas are seeing steady growth, benefiting from an established employee/customer base. Furthermore, there’s over 7000 sqft of basement space for storage and retail use.


Because of recent zoning ordinances, there’s very little residential property in the immediate vicinity. As a result, the apartments in this property are prime real estate for those who want to live in the heart of Glen Ellyn. We’re remodeling vacant units from the floor to the ceiling with all new amenities, and updating the rest as current tenants move out.

10The residential space consists of 28 studio apartments and 4 1BR units, perfect for the in-demand market of economy living. Many of the units have fallen into disrepair, but making those projects shine is one of our specialties. The kitchens in particular are one of our favorite jobs to tackle. All new appliances, counters, cabinets – they’re going to be beautiful.

Currently, we’re planning $45k in electric upgrades and all new plumbing throughout. Additionally, nice new windows will help the facade as well as the overall energy efficiency of the property.

We’re proud to assist in the growth of the Glen Ellyn community, and excited to invite you on the journey. Want to follow this story? Then be sure to check back regularly for updates on our progress.

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