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With the storm season upon us and the winter months approaching, proper insulation is at its most important. Your home being well-insulated results in energy savings, and ultimately more money in your pocket book.  We will cover the 3 keys areas and 4 insulation materials for your home this coming winter. Here are 3 keys areas

Take your home to the next level, we have installed, repaired and remodeled all types of exterior remodeling projects. CLICK any of the numbers of the 10 exterior project areas below to see how 123 Remodeling has helped our customer’s home structurally while instantly raising property value and curb appeal.  Invest wisely with 123 Remodeling for

Rooftop Deck….Yes or No?

Thursday, 28 May 2015 by

Does your building have a killer view of the city skyline?  If you live in or near Chicago, IL chances are that your rooftop view can get a glimpse of one of the world’s biggest and aesthetically pleasing skylines. The costs associated with a rooftop deck will always be offset by the increased value of

123 Remodeling Chicago strives to provide our customers the best remodeling options that will help increase the return on investment when the housing market improves. These 8 home remodeling options can be done within a minimal budget and significantly raise your home value. The remodeling tips are broken down into Kitchen Upgrades, Bathroom Upgrades, Interior

This project required some general repairs to the interior and exterior of this 6 Unit Flat in Albany Park, Chicago. Due to the recent high winds the roof was damaged and peeling. The interior had some damages to the windows and window frames. 123 Remodeling general construction team went to work and repaired the roof,