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Chicago’s harsh weather elements of wind, rain, snow, humidity to ice can bring quick deterioration to a home’s exterior components.  Recently, this exterior remodeling project in the Logan Square area consists of a concrete staircase along with it’s concrete sidewalk bordering the home.  123 Remodeling was called upon to restore both components and below are the details. Concrete Staircase

Roscoe Village Wood Deck and Staircase Repair –  Installation of Premium Composite Deck Boards On this project we replaced 1200 square feet of decking throughout the upper & lower areas including the stairs. The patio deck area’s previous wooden planks were damaged by Chicago’s extreme weather conditions making this outdoor space unusable.  The entire patio

Considering building a new deck for your next exterior remodeling project? What are the first steps and the material options to consider?   Location – where is best suited to install a deck/patio? Whether it’s in your backyard, rooftop or multi-level building, will entail the best spot to build a deck.  Does your home have outdoor access

Take your home to the next level, we have installed, repaired and remodeled all types of exterior remodeling projects. CLICK any of the numbers of the 10 exterior project areas below to see how 123 Remodeling has helped our customer’s home structurally while instantly raising property value and curb appeal.  Invest wisely with 123 Remodeling for

Exterior remodeling raise property value, safety and functionality A home’s curb appeal is crucial because it can be the first thing buyers notice about a home. A recent study done by, rates different projects to a home’s market value and its associated cost vs. added value.  The results were that 8 out of 10 project were exterior

We recently remodeled this 6 unit 3 flat in Wrigleyville, Chicago. It was completely gutted and converted into separate apartments. A brand new yard with a large deck was installed, as well as brand new kitchens and modern bathrooms. Here’s an update on the exterior portion of this project. We rebuilt the stairs and added