Home Additions

Home Addition or Garage Addition

Home additions provide the opportunity to eliminate the small, cramped and intolerable spaces of your home. Whether you’re considering a home addition because you have a growing family, or want to increase the resale value of your house, 123 Remodeling can be your Chicago Home addition and Remodeling experts. Contact us and learn the ins and outs to home additions than let us execute your project with a professional staff of skilled craftsman. Besides providing a home with more living space, home additions can be a terrific investment. However, before embarking on building a home addition, or other large home remodeling projects, there are a number of important items that should be considered first. These items include: neighboring home market values, home addition costs, architectural plans, financing, timetable for completion, and your personal disruption threshold and sweat equity commitment level.

Modern Kitchen Addition
Is your kitchen outdated and limited to the space?

Modern Kitchen Addition

123 Remodeling can build additions in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Room additions can be plain and simple or exceptionally extravagant. Here at 123 Remodeling we understand that working around people and finished surfaces requires extra care. Dust and utility (electric -plumbing) interruptions must be kept to a minimum. There are many things you have to consider with room additions that never are an issue when you build a new home from scratch. We can help make sure that there are no unexpected surprises along the way. Do you want the roof line, overhang, gutter board, soffits etc. To match perfectly on the outside? It takes some work for this to happen. For these elements to match, you need to take apart the exterior of upper wall treatments to see where the actual finished wall ends and the bottom of the rafters begin. 123 Remodeling can complete the construction of an overhang with precise craftsmanship.

Heating and Cooling For New Additions

(As it pertains to new commercial and residential additions) If your original furnace and air conditioner were sized accurately for your original house, part of our initial estimate will include heating and cooling solutions for the new part of your home. If you are adding several hundred feet of new floor area, you can count on a significant upgrade of your heating and cooling system. Our experts perform a new heat gain and heat loss calculation.