Condo Remodel- 33 W Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL (Near North)

Condo Remodel at 33 W Delaware Pl (Near North)


This condo in the Near North neighborhood started with a hope for a more modern kitchen and grew into one of the best condo renovations we’ve done all year. While Katie (the huskie puppy pictured above) and her human family had an excellent view of Downtown Chicago, the interior of their home was sadly lacking in luster. Enter 123 Remodeling. We did major updates in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, to create an elegant new home for relaxing and entertaining.




We really gutted the kitchen, so you can click the button below to see the full project in detail. But to summarize:

  • we replaced the builder-grade cabinets with some espresso shaker ones
  • brought in new white quartz countertops
  • took out the wall to allow more counter space and bar seating, eliminating the need for a separate dining area (and with the wall gone, you can enjoy that view while cooking)
  • installed a new tile backsplash, a mosaic of stone, metal, and glass
  • made a new undermount corner sink to free up counter space and avoid creating dead space in the lower cabinets
  • you’ll notice that some appliances stayed (like the range and microwave), but we changed out some of the older items like the fridge and dishwasher





The bathroom also went through a major transformation. Starting with just the most basic in terms of materials and styling, we’ve changed everything but the layout.

From the bottom up, the new flooring is a 17×36 glazed porcelain tile with a chevron layout. The Velocity Force by Emser Tile offers a distressed wood look with the durability and waterproofing of porcelain. 

For the shower, the tub has been replaced with a flat edge, while sliding glass shower doors offer a clean, minimalist look. And where the walls used to be simple square tiles, the new faux stone panels give you that luxury feel of quartz or marble without the maintenance.

The grey vanity is by Studio41, keeping the aesthetic of the kitchen across the hall, and fitting both a door and drawers into its small volume, offering a variety of storage. The old black countertop has been replaced with clean white to better match with the vanity. 

The toilet and hardware are all new, including the faucets and handheld showerhead. 


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Living Room

The biggest difference is that we removed all original flooring and replaced it with a lovely Brazilian pecan. It’s an uncommon choice, lending a unique flavor that will impress visitors for sure. The condo used to have several different flooring materials, with a sudden carpet split at the living room. Since the wood goes through the whole condo, it adds continuity to the design.

With dining moved to the kitchen, there’s more room for couches and this stellar fireplace coffee table. And, most importantly, the more open floorplan means Katie can lounge on the rug without anyone being forced to climb over her.


Save this room on 123 Remodeling Inc. in Chicago, IL on Houzz 


We’re thrilled to have such a stunning end product to share with you, and even more pleased to add a few more happy customers to our list (that includes you, Katie).

Did this condo inspire you to take the plunge on your own home? Do you also have a good dog? We’d love to hear from you.

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