Evanston Gut Rehab

This project is a multi-unit gut rehab, 24 to be exact, each unit has an exterior entry way and a common walkway. The project will consist of renovation the exterior and also the interior of each unit’s, kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms.

Each unit will be renovated separately and project updates for each unit will be posted here as they are completed. The before photos showcase what each of the units looked like before 123 Remodeling renovation team completed each of the unit renovations.

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[h4a]Exterior Photos -- Before[/h4a]

[h4a]Individual Unit Photos -- Before[/h4a]



[h4a] Project Videos[/h4a]

[h4a] Electrical Installation [/h4a]




[h4a]Boiler Installation[/h4a]


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[h2a] Completed Unit Renovations [/h2a]