Natural Stone: 6 Durable Options for your Kitchen Floor

Natural stone has a wealth of benefits for the kitchen floor. It is beautiful, connects the room with nature, and is nothing if not durable. After all, the stone was formed millions of years ago. Stone is easy to keep clean and only needs to be broom swept at night and mopped with a damp mop once a week. It has the ability to increase your home’s value and elevate the visual appeal. Here are six types of natural stone to consider for your kitchen floor for durability and added value.

Natural Stone: 6 Durable Options for your Kitchen Floor


This metamorphic rock is the result of eons of heat and pressure applied to limestone. Paler shades of marble seem to gather light and reflect it. Marble also comes in a panoply of colors, from the purest white of Carrera marble to the velvety black of Negro Orientale. It is also prized for the beauty of its veins and clouds.

Marble is a relatively soft stone and is porous, so it needs to be sealed to prevent staining. It can also be slippery when installed with large tiles, so it’s not recommended for homes with children or people who run through the kitchen. Marble can add an element of luxury to your home. It can brighten up the space and make it appear larger, especially if you go with a lighter shade. If you are looking to add some class to your home design, this is a great option to consider. 

Natural Stone: 6 Durable Options for your Kitchen Floor


This tough but gorgeous stone was born inside volcanoes. Like marble, granite kitchen floor tiles come in an array of colors given to the stone by inclusions of feldspar, quartz, and other minerals. It can even contain semi-precious minerals such as garnet or zircon. These minerals often give granite a pleasing sparkle or veins that resemble the veins in marble. Granite should also be sealed and mopped with warm water and a cleanser that’s pH neutral or meant for stone. It is a non-porous material, so water damage won’t ever be an issue. It can be a great option for kitchens, which tend to be high-traffic areas because of its durability and can withstand families with young kids. 

Natural Stone: 6 Durable Options for your Kitchen Floor


In much of the world, slate is the most popular type of natural stone used in home construction. Unlike some of the other natural stones mentioned, it is not porous and doesn’t need to be sealed. It famously comes in colors of green, blue-gray and red, is slip and stain resistant, extraordinarily tough, and repels both fire and water. Quality slate needs to be extracted from deep within the earth and is admittedly pricey, but slate floor tiles can last longer than the house itself. Because of its qualities, it is considered the safest stone flooring material. It can make another great option for those who have young kids and spend a lot of time in their kitchen space. 

Natural Stone: 6 Durable Options for your Kitchen Floor


Limestone is made of calcium and is the “parent” stone of luminous marble. It is made of calcium and has a delightful, pitted texture that requires the stone be sealed every few years. Limestone repels pathogens such as viruses, molds, and bacteria and is frequently found in pale, neutral colors. However, some types of limestone, like marble, come in shades of black. It is one of the most durable flooring options, which makes it a good option for those who spend plenty of time in their kitchen area. 

Natural Stone: 6 Durable Options for your Kitchen Floor


Travertine is a specific type of limestone. It often comes in a variety of soft and subdued colors. If you are looking for a neutral color of flooring that isn’t too extreme, this may be a good option for you. Polished travertine will take less of a beating from scratches or chips over the years, so a protective coat will likely be your best option as well. If you are looking for subtle flooring that still has the durability of natural stone, consider travertine for your kitchen. 

Natural Stone: 6 Durable Options for your Kitchen Floor


Sandstone may not be as durable as other natural materials, like granite or slate. However, proper care can allow it to last for decades. It can come in a variety of textures and colors, which makes it very versatile. There are plenty of stone options that you are bound to fall in love with. The more you love the look and feel of your kitchen flooring, the more likely you will be to take care of it and keep it in your home for years to come. 

These five types of natural stone make a statement when they are installed as kitchen flooring. They may even increase the home’s resale value if they’re kept in top condition. Fortunately, this is easy to do. Consider your kitchen flooring as an investment and put in a little extra cash when building or remodeling your home. It will pay off in the long run and last for years to come. 

Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based in Boston. 

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