50 insanely cool remodeling ideas for your dream house

1. Underground Parking

underground parking

Why park in the driveway when you can park in the driveway?

2. Heated Driveway

heated driveway

A radiant heating system is installed under the driveway so you never have to shovel again!

3. Smart Toilet

smart toilet 3

A remote-controlled toilet with Bluetooth, music, heated seat, foot warmer, deodorizer, and a bidet.

4. Bookshelf Door

hidden room

Just a bookshelf, move along, nothing to see here…

5. Secret Room Under the Stairs

secret stairs room

Everyone loves secret rooms.

6. Ping Pong Door

ping pong door

This might be the coolest door in the world.

7. Evolution Door

evolution door

Nevermind… THIS is the coolest door in the world.

8. Staircase Slide

staircase slide

Because slides are fun.

9. Ceiling Hammock

ceiling hammock

If you have high ceilings, you’re probably considering this right now.

10. Suspended Bed with Skylight

suspended bed

A bunk-bed for adults.

11. Maze Lock

maze lock

This lock looks really cool, but you might get sick of doing that maze after awhile.

12. Basement Glass Pool

basement glass pool

It’s like an aquarium for people.

13. Invisible Bookshelf

hidden bookshelf

Books that defy gravity.

14. Secret Passageways

secret passageway

The ultimate hiding spot for hide-and-seek.

15. Sunken Living Room

sunken living room

Because flat living rooms are boring.

16. Aquarium Sink

aquarium sink

A cool spot for a fish tank

17. Aquarium Coffee Table

aquarium table

Another cool spot for a fish tank.

18. Aquarium Bed

aquarium bed

Another cool spot for a fish tank. You might think you’re drowning when you first wake up though.

19. Staircase Drawers

staircase drawers

Secret staircase storage for your slippers.

20. Drawers Under the Stairs

drawers under stairs

A great place to put your shoes.

21. Dog House Under the Stairs

dog house under stairs

The perfect spot for your dog.

22. Cat Transit System

cat transit system

Literal catwalks.

23. Transforming Oven

transforming oven

This oven rises up out of the countertop.

24. Foldable Balcony

foldable balcony

A window that transforms into a balcony.

25. Smart Key

smart key

Unlock your door with your phone.

26. Showerhead Speaker

shower head speaker

Listen to music while you take a shower.


27. Mega Fridge

mega fridge

This fridge is like an entire kitchen all-in-one. (Oh, by the way, it costs $40,000.)

28. Island Fridge

hidden fridge

A convenient spot for extra fridge space.

29. Vacuum Baseboards

vacuum baseboards

Just sweep your mess over there and it takes care of the rest.

30. Bathroom Tile Drawer

bathroom tile drawer

So stealthy that you might forget where it is.

31. Remote Controlled Shades

motorized shades

Motorized window shades that you can move up or down with the push of a button.

32. Control Your House with an App

lutron app

Control your lights, temperature, shades, and more with your phone or tablet using the Lutron mobile app.

33. Putting Green

putting green

Practice your golf game.

34. Circular Bookshelf

circular bookshelf

A creative place for your books.

35. Luxury Bed Entertainment Center

bed entertainment center

Caution: you won’t want to get out of bed.

36. Rotating Sink

rotating sink

A multi-purpose, circular sink that rotates 360 degrees.

37. Waterfall Shower

waterfall shower

A fun way to bathe.

38. Birds Nest Bed

birds nest bed

This looks really comfortable.

39. Forest Chandelier

forest chandelier

This chandelier creates cool shadows on the walls.

40. Transparent Bathtub

transparent bathtub

Rubber ducky not included.

41. Skatepark Room

skate park room

A skateboarder’s dream

42. Transparent TV

transparent tv

A futuristic, fully-colored LCD screen that is clear when turned off.

43. Floor Plan Light Switch

floorplan light switch

Now you don’t have to memorize which switch is which.

44. 3D Wall Panels

3d wall panels

Add some texture to your walls.

45. LED Ceiling

led ceiling

Create crazy patterns and colors on your ceiling with LED lighting.

46. Underground Stream

fish tank floor

Walk on water.

47. Indoor-Outdoor Pool

indoor outdoor pool

The best of both worlds.

48. Infinity Pool

infinity pool

Swim to the edge of infinity.

49. Heat Sensing Tile

heat sensing tile

Tile that changes colors based on temperature.

50. Glass Floor Bathroom

glass floor bathroom

Install a glass floor above a 15 story elevator shaft in your bathr–actually wait, don’t do this, it’s too scary. At least the toilet is right there if you need it though.

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