Top 10 Reasons to Choose 123 Remodeling

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Once you decide to invest in an improvement project, you need to find the right contractor. With so many options out there, why choose 123 Remodeling?


10) 123 Remodeling is a full-service contractor. Our services include CCTV Security Camera installation, Construction, Remodeling and general Home Improvement. This means that you only need to hire one contractor for your project.

9) We offer several financing options to meet your budget.

8) 123 Remodeling can start your project with a small deposit. If a company needs your money in order to finance your home improvement project, what does that say about them?

7) We are licensed and insured. In the state of Illinois, we have a “Certificate of good standing” (available on request) and are insured for projects up to 2 million dollars.

6) We are a multi-faceted company. For example, if your project is a home addition that requires plumbing and electrical services, we would be able to complete the project. This means you deal with only one project manager, one customer service department and one account receivables department, not to mention saving you the friction caused by having multiple contractors.

5) Competitive pricing – While we do not guarantee to be the cheapest, we can guarantee that you will not find the same quality of work for less.

4) On-time service throughout your transaction with us. We consider promptness one of our biggest virtues. Because of our multiple teams of laborers we are able to address a project right away and can give that project the full attention it deserves.

3) Free, in home, no obligation consultation by a trained professional. All of our project managers have worked in the construction field for at least 3 years and can not only provide you with a price but can also pass along their expertise and comments on any particular project to give you a better understanding of the job in question and the options available to complete it.

2) Exceptional quality of work by trained professionals. We proudly mention our own full time staff of veteran craftsmen, architects and interior designers who are some of the best in the industry and will complete your project with great precision.

1) Our customer satisfaction is among the highest in the industry.

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