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Spring Yard Chore Basics For Beginners

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Tools on the Forest Path Set up and Ready to GardenMany aspects of newlywed life are exciting, but for some new homeowners, dealing with outdoor chores may demand more time, energy and experience than you have. While it might be easy to reduce your yard stresses by hiring a landscape professional, you can learn some basic do-it-yourself chores that can save you money while you enjoy your yard this season. You won’t be alone in your endeavors. In fact, according to the National Gardening Association’s 2013 National Gardening Survey, approximately two million more households participated in lawn and gardening chores than the previous year.

Fix uneven stepping-stones

Rain, freezing and thawing, and tree roots can cause stepping-stones in your yard to become unstable. They should be leveled and stabilized to make them safe to walk on. Lift the stones, add sand or soil beneath them, and level the stones. To verify that they are level, utilize the free iHandy mobile app from Google Play.

Out with the old, in with the new

Hot tub water can get stagnant during the winter. Draining and cleaning the interior will eliminate any film or residue. Make sure you also clean and check your water filter for wear and add chemicals or additives as recommended by the manufacturer. If you need hot tub repair parts, sites like list spa parts by type, saving you time and making it easier to find the right part for your specific hot tub model.

Topping up mulch

Spring is the ideal time to inspect your yard’s mulch, specifically its depth. Organic mulches, made from chipped or shredded wood, decompose and get washed away by heavy rains. In some areas, leaves and debris may have built up, creating the perfect sanctuary for pesky pests waiting to eat your foliage. To keep them at bay, level your beds, then apply a new 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch. To make the chore easier, try using tools designed specifically for the task.

Irrigation system check

If you have an automatic sprinkler or irrigation system, it may have need a tune-up after sitting through a cold winter. To do a thorough check, inspect your sprinkler heads to ensure they work properly and provide even coverage. Replace any weak or broken heads. Check any drip irrigation systems to ensure they have not become clogged, and check that all the sprinkler valves and back-flow devices are working properly. If you are new to working with an automatic sprinkler system, the free Sprinkler Times app may be helpful. It tells you how long to water the lawn and when to water. This clever app takes the mystery out of programming the sprinklers and timers in your landscape.

Know when to plant

Once you have mowed and trimmed your lawn, you’ll probably want to turn your attention to your planting beds. Knowing what to plant, and when, is the first step to a successful garden. But, how do you know when to plant your Rose Campion, Rockrose, or American Beauty rose? The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a handy resource that will describe a flower’s hardiness, sun exposure needs, and bloom time. By following the book’s tips and working with nature instead of against it you’ll have a beautiful, blooming garden with minimal effort.