Randolph Place Condominium Remodeling Project – 165 N Canal St, Chicago, IL (West Loop)

 Randolph Place Condominium Remodeling Project – 165 N Canal St, Chicago, IL (West Loop)

The Randolph Place lofts and condominiums at 165 N. Canal were originally constructed in 1922 by Daniel Burnham, the man who built Chicago’s first high-rise and designed the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. When the building was renovated in 1999, architects were careful to retain the building’s most unique nods to its commercial past.

Inside the homes of 165 N. Canal, it’s quickly apparent that these were built as true lofts. Soaring 10 and 15-foot ceilings are accented by spacious room layouts and floor-to-ceiling windows, all of which combine to create a sense of cavernous living space. All units feature a private balcony-several of which overlook the river-and most include hardwood floors and even a gas fireplace. Kitchens boast granite countertops, detached breakfast islands and, in many cases, high-end appliance packages.

Randolph Place Condominium Remodeling Project – 165 N Canal St, Chicago, IL (West Loop)

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