Elysees Tower Condominium Remodeling Project – 111 E Chestnut St Chicago, IL (Magnificent Mile)

 Elysees Tower Condominium Remodeling Project – 111 E Chestnut St Chicago, IL  (Magnificent Mile)

Located at 111 E. Chestnut, this Chicago condo development, also known as Elysees, has been around since 1972 and has 444 separate units with assigned/deeded parking for residents with vehicles.

Elysees is a striking development offering units with a number of different layouts and an average of 609 square feet of living space. The various floor plans include anywhere from studio to 3 bedrooms with an average master bedroom size of 200+ square feet. Typically, the kitchens are 69 square feet, providing plenty of space to cook dinner for the family, or whip up a feast to entertain friends at your new home. And speaking of entertaining, the living rooms in this building are designed with up to 392 square feet of floor space  enough to host small get-togethers, or just lounge around on your own in wide open privacy.

Elysees Tower Condominium Remodeling Project – 111 E Chestnut St, Chicago, IL  (Magnificent Mile)

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