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Lincoln Park Flooring Medallion

Hardwood Flooring Installation

What we did

On this project, the existing flooring was removed and replaced by a practical new hardwood floor with three beautiful medallion inserts. Traditional strip or plank wood flooring is fastened to subflooring and then sanded and finished. Newer pre-finished wood floors are fastened the same way but do not require finishing.

Before the wood flooring is installed, the wood planks are stacked indoors for a few days to allow the wood time to adjust to the home's humidity level. The positions of the floor joists are marked along the wall for reference and the sub flooring is covered with a layer of 15 pound asphalt felt to provide some moisture protection and to minimize squeaking.

The boards are laid out staggered so no end joint is closer than 6 inches to an end joint in the next row. The ends of each row is cut to allow a 1/2 inch gap at the wall. The three medallions are installed and the floor is sealed to protect the surface and give the floor a deep, rich finish.

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