How Much Does It Cost to Tile Your Bathroom or Kitchen Floor?

Tile FlooringAre you interested in tiling your bathroom or kitchen floor? Tile can be a great improvement to your home, whether by itself or part of a larger remodeling project. The average cost will vary depending on location, but in this article we’ll discuss prices based on Chicago, Illinois, because that’s where we’re located. If you live in Chicago or the surrounding area, 123 Remodeling can install new tile flooring in your house or condo. Call us toady at 773-685-6095.

There are many different factors that can affect the cost – from the size of the room, to the type of material, to the quality of the material.

Average Cost

The average cost of a tiling project is about $1400-$1500. However, costs can range anywhere from around $500 up to about $3,000 for larger projects. Most tile installations fall somewhere in the $1,200 to $1,800 range. You pay for the tile material by square-foot, and you pay for the installation cost by square-foot as well. According to homewyse, The average cost per square foot is $8-$12.


The type of flooring underneath the tile can have a significant affect on the cost. The perfect situation for sub-flooring is smooth concrete that is perfectly level. However, this is a rare circumstance. Most subflooring is not ideal for tile installation, therefore it needs to be altered before the tile can be laid down. An uneven cement floor requires a lot of time and materials to prepare, and tends to be the most expensive foundation.

Wood sub-flooring also takes some time and effort to prepare, because wood can warp when exposed to moisture. This is not good for tile, and can cause the tile to crack. Therefore, the wood must be prepared with backer-board, which creates a level cement surface to lay the tile.

Types of Tile

There are two main categories when it comes to tile. There’s natural stone and there’s ceramic/porcelain. The cost is similar for both, however, natural stone is sometimes a little bit more expensive because it can be more difficult to install. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone is a classic and timeless flooring option. It looks great and will boost the perceived value of your home. It’s also easy to clean and easy to repair. Natural stone has remained popular for hundreds of years. There are a variety of different stones to choose from:

Quartz – Quartz is extremely hard and durable. Pure quartz is white, but it is available in different colors and patterns.

Limestone – Limestone is usually beige or tan, and is found at the bottom of the ocean. One disadvantage is that it can become slippery when wet.

Slate – Slate is unique because it is formed by compressed layers of mud.

Marble – The biggest advantage of marble is its natural beauty. It comes in a wide array of interesting colors and patterns. The disadvantage is that it’s not as durable as other materials and can stain easily.

Granite – Granite is one of the most popular natural stones, and for good reason. It is extremely durable, and visually appealing as well.

The cost of natural stone tiling can vary significantly depending on the quality. The price can range anywhere form $6-$50 per square foot to have it installed.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiling are extremely durable. They are specially treated to resist water damage. They are also available in a large selection of styling options, with different colors and patterns. They tend to be slightly cheaper and easier to install than natural stone tiling. The price usually ranges somewhere between $4-$12 per square foot to have it installed.

Heating System

Tile tends to get cold, especially in the winter. You may want to consider an under-tile warming system. The average cost of this is around $600-$1200 depending on the size of the room.

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