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How to Gut Rehab and Renovate a Multi-Unit Home

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4 Unit Gut Rehab by 123 Remodeling

Taking on a gut rehab is not for the timid. It takes an experienced rehabber to tackle a complete multi unit gut rehab. Our gut rehab teams at 123 Remodeling having completed over 12 Gut Rehab Projects some with Dormer Additions and major exterior remodeling. Gut rehabs require that extra level of patience since you may be required replace, repair or construct walls or move electrical and plumbing based on the overall condition of the existing structure and layout.

Six months ago we started on a four unit gut rehab in Lincoln Park which was just recently completed a total project time of 5 months. The building now features Three (2 bedroom 1 bathroom) units and One (1 bedroom 1 bathroom) unit as a dormer addition, each of the units were completely renovated. The most unusual or challenge was the basement or garden unit which was originally only 4ft in height, the lower portion was dugout to accommodate a ceiling height of 7ft.


Garden Unit Before

Garden Unit Before 

Ceiling Height Increase


Garden Unit Wall Framing

Garden Unit Framing 

Each unit was outfitted with a new modern kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances which include Dishwashers and Micro hoods as well as Stoves and 36Inch wide, side by side refrigerators with Ice and water dispensers. The bathrooms were all re-finished with tile floors and walls, re-finished bathtubs and a new shower stall installed in the dormer unit along with a modern vanity. The garden unit has tiled floors while the 1st, 2nd and dormer unit all contain laminate flooring.

Custom Metal Fabricated Porch & StaircaseThe Exterior of the home was re-sided and a new front porch was installed, however the unique factor was in the rear of the building, the existing porch and staircases were removed and replaced with a custom metal fabricated porch and staircase along with an enclosed outdoor parking.

The evolution of this renovation can be viewed in detail, including pictures and videos of the process from start to finish. We encourage you to do so as it is an inspiring tale of the changes that can be made to these framed buildings that are over a century old and made into modern looking and functioning residence. This Gut / Rehab is the First remodel that this building has undergone since its inception and in the first video you can see it in its original condition especially the basement or garden unit.

Please contact 123Remodeling with any additional questions regarding this project or to set up a time to view the property in an attempt to learn more about our work or merely to get home improvement ideas for your upcoming construction project.