Chicago Basement Remodeling – Jefferson Park

We’ve done it again. Chicago Remodeling company 123 Remodeling have taken an unfurnished, unused basement space and created a functional, livable square footage basement space. The home has added a full bathroom, laundry and utility room.  The newly installed canned recessed lighting have been installed to create maximum head space.   All of the exposed studs and support beams have been framed and dry-walled to provide a seamless flow of ceiling and walls throughout the new basement space.

basement remodeling chicago fireplace

Basement Remodeling Project

  • Utility Room – Custom designed to separate home’s mechanical features
  • Bathroom – Install stand-up shower area, tile throughout and install new toilet and vanity
  • Bonus Room – Room created for home pets occupied by the home’s 5 cats
  • Laundry Room – Area created for washer/dryer and folding station
  • Flooring and Lighting – Cement Flooring and canned recessed lighting
  • Brick Fireplace Area – Cleaned and freshly painted

Project Photos

Utility Room

IMG_4448 copy

Bathroom – new!!

IMG_4453 copy

Bonus Room

IMG_4451 copy

Laundry Room

IMG_4459 copy

Flooring and Lighting

IMG_4458 copy

Brick Fireplace Area

IMG_4446 copy

Before Photos

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During Photos

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After Photos

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Before / During / After Slideshow

This project was a Chicago basement remodeling project. The final project has a newly installed tiled bathroom, laundry and utility room, upgraded electrical service, cement flooring,  freshly painted walls and a finished bonus room.  The additional bathroom, laundry and utility room will instantly raise the homeowner’s property value.  123 Remodeling experts specialize in both interior and exterior remodeling projects.  IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF A HOME REMODEL CONTACT US for a free no obligation In-Home Consultation.