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1. Sink Fail 2. Sink Fall 3. Faucet Fail 4. Drawer Fail 5. Backwards Door Handle 5. Spacious Bathroom 6. Caution: Wet Paint 7. Bathroom Doors Are Tricky 8. Tile Fail 9. Bookshelf Fail 10. Doesn’t Quite Look Like the Picture 11. Just Fill in the Gap, No One Will Notice 12. Door Stop Fail

1. Underground Parking Why park in the driveway when you can park in the driveway? 2. Heated Driveway A radiant heating system is installed under the driveway so you never have to shovel again! 3. Smart Toilet A remote controlled toilet with bluetooth, music, heated seat, foot warmer, deodorizer, and a bidet. 4. Bookshelf Door

Before you shop for wood flooring, it’s important to know a few tips. For example, solid wood flooring often is more costly than options like carpeting. However, when properly maintained, they can be more long-lasting and durable. There are several varieties of solid hardwood products. Unlike laminate wood flooring, which consists of a paper-thin strip

  Tools and Materials: Cast concrete wall stones Cap stones Sand Shovel Tape measure Level Tamper Steel rake Steps: Before building a fire pit, check the building codes in your area to get the proper specs and regulations. Choose a spot that is away from your house and away from any low-hanging trees or other

Can you recommend any remodeling idea or inspiration websites? One of the most asked questions by many of our clients during the consultation phase is “Can you recommend any sites for ideas?” or “I want to see more examples”. Though we do a great job showcasing our projects as examples in our project gallery, providing